16 August 2010

Nothing can knock you down.

I'm back to the campus. I came back in the late morning today just for a short discussion with my group mates, which was just as short as the one we had last Monday. And now, Farah and I have nowhere to go, library is the best place ever – don't need to take any transport, don't need to spend money, don't need to take a look at anything I'm so want to have one but I couldn't because I'm too poor, don't need to expose myself to the killing bright sun, and whatever you might think of. XD

Those are all crap, by the way. Hello, don't think of hitting me lah! Let me talk some crap rather than being serious all the time mah!

Like finally, I have done the Tourism and Travel Operations assignment - design a travel agency. Phew! I'm feeling as if one thing has gone, and I can proceed to the next thing, which is preparing the coming assessment right on tomorrow. Damn! I haven't even started preparing that shit! Farah hasn't as well, whilst Dylan asked me which part we should read. Obviously, I'm not the only one who is being lazy. HAHA! I swear I will study that tonight.

Life is getting more and more stressful recently, but, still, it never seems to knock me down. I'm still alive, and I'm still living happily. Not quarrelling with anyone, not getting mad of anyone, not being down at anytime, and not crying for anyone or any bad thing. It is good, no? I even had fun with the B through SMS in the morning, which I don't usually do so.

"Hubby, hubby, wake up, wake up, wake up lo! Shake you, and tickle tickle you," just imaginary. We're not staying together, for your information.
"AHHH! Rolled down from the bed already," he said. I was like "Damn you! So clever huh?" once I saw his message.

Indeed, even if I was in a bad mood, everything would actually cure because of his reply. I know, it might be nothing or even childish to you, but to me, it meant a lot. To me, the simple he does, the sweeter I feel. :)

"I lubbie you" is my new way of saying "I love you" to him, every time before we hang up, especially before we go to bed. I just simply like to do something creative, to make him smile. When I'm happy, I want him to be as happy as me; and when I'm down, I want him to cheer me in his way.

Alright, back to the point. As I remember, I have never been that cheerful at the moment when I first woke up, but I used to stay as cool as I could. LOL! No lah! It's just that I couldn't actually smile or laugh like how I used to be, when I just woke up in the past. But, today, I was like jumping towards my phone and started pressing the keypads to disturb the B, as though I was being hyperactive. Isn't it a good thing?

I actually rushed to my hostel to pack my things and I immediately rushed to the library to meet up my group mates. I rushed, yet, I was still smiling in my heart. I was sweating, my back was wet, but I didn't feel uncomfortable at all, which I thought I would.

I didn't realize all my actions until now, since I started typing this post. I'm having a busy plus stressful life; nevertheless, I feel as if I'm a smiling, cheerful girl, for heaven's sake. ;D I hope I can remain happily, and of course, I hope it would last longer.

Same to you guys! Whenever life tries to knock you down, keep your back straight to tell that you wouldn't lose, take a deep breath to release a little bit of your stress, and smile from the bottom of your heart. Stretching yourself might as well a good idea. Just cheer up no matter what problem you're facing. :D


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