17 August 2010

I am dead tired.

Not going to exaggerate, but the library in Taylor's is seriously cold to the max and I felt as if I was going to freeze very soon. I saw people rubbing their hands, and in the meantime, they hissed. I bet you would do the same thing when you're here in that kind of condition. LOL!

I went to bed at around 1:30am last night, just because of the bloody exam that everyone thought it would be on today. Obviously, I am trying to tell that I've wasted my time on that shit, and I sacrificed my sleep. But, it's still a good thing, as long as I don't need to study tonight, anymore. Instead of studying that, I can just focus on the coming presentations right on tomorrow, during the first two classes, which are Mr. Patrick's and Mr. Mathieu's classes. However, I don't feel like preparing them, which I am absolutely not allowed to. I'm so freaking tired that I just want to go back to the hostel and sleep.


Honestly, I got so damn pissed during the morning classes of today, but only Farah knew it, I think. A sudden presentation – DAMN, an exam cancellation – postponed to tomorrow, a sudden thing said by someone that nearly kill our group whether she purposely or accidentally said that – whatever, my nearly-flooded hostel room – I can prove it but I would probably post those photos in the next entry, the God-damn-it warden that wanted me to run all the way from my hostel to the administration just for a 5 minutes complaint – I have got nothing in the end, and et cetera. They were all like a series of frustrations, seriously. I scolded a lot of "damn" in front of Farah and of course, "fuck", just in my heart. :\ I'm so sorry for being rude, but how would you feel if things come as if wave after wave?

Yes, I tried to smile, I tried to laugh, I tried to blend myself into all the happiness that everyone was enjoying, but all I did were useless as though I was doomed to failure. I didn't show, and I didn't tell, because I just didn't want them to be worried. Isn't it good when you see people enjoying happily? However, after all the jokes and the laughter, and of course the most important one – calling the B, I have gone much well indeed. It was actually a release. A smile, or laughter, actually means a lot to me, even the smile of me myself. :)

I called my eldest brother back since I was informed to do so, with curiosity. For your information, my family and I have been subscribing these postpaid numbers for a very long time, and now, my eldest brother is using the mainline, whilst the other 5 are using the sub ones. Since I love talking on the phone with the B, and I used to spend about RM100 a month, my eldest brother came up with an idea. He asked me if I want to subscribe B's phone number as a postpaid number (I know it sounds wrong but I just don't know how to use the word "postpaid") and join us, so that I could call him or SMS him for FREE, and unlimitedly. Isn't it a great idea? We can call each other whenever we want, and he doesn't have to reload anymore – it is troublesome to me in fact. All he needs to do is just to pay for some other numbers that he calls, such as his momma and brother, Keith. :D I wonder if it means poppa is accepting the fact that I am in a relationship with B, or it actually means nothing. Heee!

I will wait and see. *winks*

Alright, I have to start preparing my presentations right now, even though I'm dead tired. :( Wish me luck!



  1. i miss presentations back in uni.. all the best =)

  2. Awww! Thanks a bunch to both of youuu! :D


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