18 August 2010

The facilities suck to the max!

As what I mentioned in the previous post, I'm going to post the photos of my nearly-flooded room in this post.

Ahhh! I have one more post to blog, so I will just make this post as simple as I can, since the next one would be quite long. X)

The grey floor was obviously the one in my room, while the white part was the corridor. I took it only after I placed the old clothe there, hence, the water was so much lesser than the "original" one, indeed.

The corridor hasn't been looking white since I first moved into that unit. They said the cleaner would come once a week to clean our unit but after a few weeks, I haven't seen any cleaner coming into our unit.

And, I bet you can clearly see the water flooded at the corridor. That was indeed very terrible.

Damn! The rain actually splashed on my door, making it all wet. Wtf!

Guys, honestly, this lock sucks to the max, and I'm not only the victim. When we first moved in to the hostel, it could still function well, but it started to have some trouble after about one week. Other than me, Farah is as well facing the same problem. We can hardly open or lock our room doors, whilst the door of the house, they said it would close itself but now, it couldn't function that well anymore (the key is used to open both the room door and the house door). I couldn't even close it when I'm standing outside of the door!

Damn it!



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