19 August 2010

Visitation to the city.

As usual, we had a trip at 2pm on Wednesday, which was yesterday, to the city. It was a trip that I had been looking forward to join, but it was a little too disappointed. Alright, we went to study, but not to have fun. I know it clearly.

We had been visited several places in Kuala Lumpur. Let the photos tell you where we had been to. :P

1. National Palace

What a coincidence! A few minutes after we arrived, it's time for them to change their shifts. But, obviously, one of them didn't concentrate since he was looking at my camera, as you can see. LOL! And, these two guys actually did something wrong that they nearly knock each other. By the way, I thought they're not allowed to smile or whatever, but they smiled and was like whispering when they did the mistake.

The so-called Gaga (Epol) was posing with one of the horses.

Andy, one of the Koreans was quite afraid of the horse since it kept on moving. I wonder if the horse moved because of my camera. I didn't know I on the flash mode!

Andy was afraid of the horse, but Baeyou Jun was actually walking away from there after taking photo. This was randomly taken by me, anyway. 

Dylan was taking photo of himself with the horse, as what Taemin did.

Someone was disturbing him, and so, he accidentally showed this funny expression at that time when I captured. Oops!

From left: Aissa, Wei Wei, Haidi, Sara (correct me if I spell it wrongly), Naeem (correct me if I spell it wrongly), Epol, and Ryan.

These posers were so damn funny!

2. National Monument

"Hey, Jiamin, how about I take a photo of you and you take for me after that?" he said.
"HAHAHA! I don't want to take photo."
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Steven and Roger laughed at him together.
"She's giving you lemon," Roger said.
"You want to take photo? Then you stand there and I take photo for you lah!"

And, this is the photo of this boy, Ryan.

LOL! Kah Mun was taking photo of Farah, whilst I was taking photo of that "building".

Tell me what it was.

Seriously, Epol's pose was so damn weird yet funny.

"Hey! Take a photo of this!"

We had no money to buy such expensive chocolate. Hence, an idea came out of his mind – took a photo of him squeezing the pitiful chocolate with a box of chocolate. I told him not to look at my camera but he was still looking.

For your information, this shop selling chocolate wasn't one of our destinations. It was a tiny shop located right opposite of the National Monument, and there was air conditioner. Thus, we walked into the shop to enjoy for a while without buying anything. Haha! I guess the lady got quite pissed because of us. X)

3. Bird Park

We didn't get to go into it since we have to pay for the ticket.

4. Orchid Garden


Not many flowers could be seen in the garden, to be honest.

Farah was posing in front of the counter of the garden. It was closed.

5. National Mosque

The oh-so-energetic girl, Kah Mun. ;D

We're not allowed to step into the floor inside the building without lids (?) but they could provide us if we want to.

6. Independence Square





Krissie was walking by the roadside. Since I had nothing better to do in the bus, being a paparazzi would be the best choice.






Gyubin was running on the field. :S



Chris did the same thing as Gyubin did too – running on the field happily. But, seriously, I've no idea why they would still run even though the weather was so damn stifling hot.


Oops! Kah Mun and Diana saw me being a paparazzi in the bus. XDDD


Kah Mun tried to run away from my camera but, mission failed!\


While the three of them willing to be my models.

Edited: 28th of August, 2010

In conclusion, the overall trip was quite boring, but it was at least better than the previous trip to Holiday Tours. The weather was scorching hot until I felt as if I was about to burn. We sweat a lot, but we laughed a lot as well in the meantime. :D Of course, there is always laughter when friends are all around.


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