22 August 2010

I hoped it can last longer.

Ever since I reached home yesterday, I never touched anything related to Taylor's UC, such as assignments and assessments. I had been too tired yesterday, which I couldn't figure out what actually made me tired. But, fine, I don't want to think about it anymore.

I have no idea what is going on with this server of uploading photos of Blogspot, it couldn't work for about 3 or 4 days since my previous post. I couldn't upload any photos at all, which means I have to please you to bear the wordy posts until the problem fixed. I would be very pleased to apologize if my blog posts bore you, to be honest.

I wanted to blog about some Malay kuih I like since it is Hari Raya Puasa, literally the celebration day of fasting, but too bad, I cannot upload any photos. Without those photos (from the websites of course), it might be looking as if it is a lengthy post. Sigh! Hence, I can only blog about something that I thought of – it might be turned to become a lengthy post later!

Just so you know I have quite a few buddies in my high school. But, everything changed since I left. I feel as if I am being forgotten, or being left out. They chat with me if and only if they need my help. They invite me to hang out, but they leave me behind as if I am transparent. Without any needs, they wouldn't take notice of me, including any of the class trips, which they promised they would. They would say, "Oh! I've forgotten to tell you that we're having a trip TOMORROW," whenever I ask, or whenever they chat with me for the sake of buying old books.

I feel as if we're not as close as before anymore. We shared our secrets together; we shared our foods together; we borrowed homework to or from each other; but, now, everything seems to come to an end. Everything seems to come to a full stop. I'm sad? I'm depressed? I'm upset? I'm angry? Why not! That's a friendship that we appreciated so much, yet, the outcome of this affair equals to nothing in the end.

I sent them a message via Facebook; they didn't care to reply or to respond. I tried to chat with them; they tried to ignore. No matter what I do to make our friendship lasts longer, they wouldn't want to care a damn how am I doing. I never knew leaving that place would bring such trouble to me – friendship drops into trouble. FINE!

You don't appreciate, I don't care. As long as I know I will never ever try to break the friendship of ours. The only thing I hoped is that I'm wrong, because I wish to hear that you're just too busy to bother me for the sake of UEC. Never mind, as long as there're still friends around – Kah Mun, Farah, Diana, Andy, Xiao Wei, Kelly, and et cetera. I hope that you are still who you are, the buddy that had been supporting me for approximately 5 years since form 2. To be exact, 4 years since form 3. ;)

No matter how, do your best on the coming examinations of yours. Cheer up! I hope to hear from you again, anyway.


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