23 August 2010

The 900th day.

I was thinking whether I should post this or not, since I haven't started preparing the coming mid-term assessment on Tuesday. But, I think, if I blog about what I would like to blog right now, I could still finish at least 2 chapters before I go to bed tonight. Even if I couldn't, I could still continue tomorrow.

Let's go!

I had been quite happy in the morning of today, for no reason, but something totally ruined my mood, repeatedly. I cried yesterday for the similar reason. Just fine, I don't even want to ask them anything about this shit. :\ I thought it would last for the whole day, but no, something lightened my heart unwittingly.

Scroll down and check out the love counter – ♥ 6 JANUARY 2008 ♥ in pink. Take note of the days, and you would get what I'm trying to tell. Yes, obviously, it is our 900th day of being in a term since the 6th of January, 2008. Don't ask me why I suddenly took a look of it, because I myself have no idea as well, to be honest. I just wanted to take a look, and that became a surprise. What makes me happier is that we're going to meet up in Taylor's UC tomorrow, not to celebrate since we didn't realize at all, but only for the sake of meeting up each other. :D

900, it is not as special as 1000. However, it is still meaningful to me because it is the 900th day of ours. I didn't actually count how many days we had been through together, but, this time, I feel like taking note of it for my sake. No reason, I just feel like making it a little bit memorable.

In the past, we had a lot of arguments, which is getting lesser and lesser month by month; we had a lot of heart-to-heart conversations; we spoke about something that might bring some new knowledge to each other; we went for window shopping for at least 5 times since we're poor; we bought a lot of new things and stuffs together that we thought they're worth buying plus affordable; we cried together for not more than 5 times when one of us was badly hurt by the other one; we solved problems together; we shared our foods and drinks together whenever we had our meals; we did homework together and we studied together when we're both still in the high school; we nearly separate because of some serious trouble but everything solved in the end; we had not-that-kind-of-argue arguments when we're making decision about who was supposed to pay the money since he didn't want me to pay no matter how; and et cetera. Of course, most of them are still going on until today, it's just that the bad ones are getting lesser, whilst the good ones are getting more and more, indeed.

I thought we would have separated by something else but, everything proved that I was wrong. We had been through a whole lot of hardships, yet, they made us even stronger, and sweeter. Now, I strongly agreed with some of my friends that nothing can actually separate us, unless if we choose to separate.

Yesterday, when I wasn't in a good mood, I suddenly asked him this question on MSN, "B, would you be with me forever?" and he said, "Yippie, unless if you don't want, but I know you won't." Exactly! I will never ever want to leave him, unless if he does something awful. There's no answer for why I would want to be so stubborn to be with him even though he couldn't give me every single thing that I really want so crazily. It's just as well as why I love him – there's no answer for these kinds of questions. :)

So far, there're 33 comments on this status of mine on Facebook. Here, I would like to thank those who liked it, and wished us from the bottom of their heart (I supposed). They're Kelly, Dylan, Chiau Tzi, Chloe, Carmen, Jiey, Haidi, Andy, and Maliewann (she liked it after I posted this photo). What about Donald? That's the B lah! XD

I liked Jiey's "I've faith in both of you". Thanks a bunch! :)

The topic totally changed not longer after I posted this status on my wall. Everyone started talking about wedding. LOL!

Last but not least, this boy finally appeared on the comment box. The "dear min min" made me burst into laughter indeed because he never called me in that way. Love him to the max! :D

So, yea, here comes the 900th day of me and the badman! :DDD


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  1. wow. so sweet ^^
    hmm let me see how many days i have spent with him. =)

    OMG! I've spent 1900 days with my bf already. =) Suddenly the figure makes me so happy. HAHAHA..


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