24 August 2010

He is my type of man.

Still, the server rejected all the photos taken by my camera. Wtf! Any idea why? I've missed a few blog posts because of that stupid trouble. :(

Oh, fine. It means this will be another wordy post again. BAAAH!

By the way, on the 900th day of the B and me, we met up in Taylor's UC, the lakeside campus. I purposely came back in the morning just to meet up with the badman. Teeheee!

I brought him to the library, and he said he felt as if he was a country folk when he saw the huge library. Oops! He compared it with the one in his college, and he assumed that the one in his college is about 150 of my hostel room – so damn small! I'm not really sure about it, since I haven't been to his college.

Honestly, during the past Mondays, I met just a few classmates in this campus. But, when I brought him along yesterday, I met a bunch of them, in different time, and different places. LOL! Kelly, Dylan, Diana, Ixny, Fahmi, Chris, Andy, Alia, and Farah, all of them saw him already. :\ Oh well, it didn't matter.

The whole day was simple and sweet even though we only hung around in the campus. We had our lunch together; I "borrowed" money from him since I forgot to get from momma; we stuck together for that whole day without going out for a walk. When I was studying, he sat beside me playing with his phone to avoid boredom. He didn't even want to interrupt me, until I felt tired, and leaned on the table. He sayang my head, and I understood what message he was trying to tell. That's him, so caring, and so understanding at all time without complaining anything.

After having dinner at around 5:30pm, we hung around at the lakeside, and sat on the staircase. I leaned on his shoulder, and we chitchatted until about 6pm. It's windy, but it would be much better, comfortable, and romantic when the sky turns darker. I like sitting at the lakeside, to be honest. Somehow there's fishy smell, but the environment comforts me, makes me feel good.

Since it was his first time coming to this campus, he had to leave earlier and in the meantime, find out some better transportation to get back home. He ended up walking to the KTM station before Subang Jaya KTM station (I've forgotten what station it was) as there's no taxi in the campus anymore. Wth! He liked walking very much indeed. D:

Fortunately, he reached home safely. :) The overall day was nice, and I very much enjoyed being together with him for sure. You know, he's definitely my type of man, from the not-my-type, to become my-type. I told him that I don't want to belong to anyone; he's the only person that I want me to belong to.

I love the badman!



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