25 August 2010

I've lost my energy.

I'm exhausted, and I guess everyone does. I thought it would be the most serious yet relaxing trip among all, but the fact was in the opposite of what I thought. The scorching hot weather, the place that we needed to walk without taking many lifts, the not-so-high heels, and some other not-so-important reasons made me lost the interest of taking photos and fooling around with the friends. However, I still took a lot of photos of what I was supposed to take to include them into the report, which we're going to do it later.

Ahhh! The server thing rejected the photos again. I would quickly update more about the trip when the problem is fixed later.

Assessments and assignments are all around the corner, making me exhausted and I don't feel like attending the classes of this week. But, still, I did, even though I've slept for not more than 4 hours at the previous night, since I didn't want to absent. I want to do as better as I can, at least for the first term. HAHAHA! I don't think I would skip any class if unnecessary, to be honest.

I feel like sleeping now, but there's a practical exam for Geography class tomorrow. So, yea, I have to study the note given by Mr. Mathieu, at least half of it before I go to bed.


Oh, the B is coming here again tomorrow. I can't wait to see him indeed! We chatted on the Skype for the first time just about half an hour ago since he has got his new laptop. Teeheee!

Got to stop here now and start studying. :(



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