27 August 2010

Night life in Taylor's is great!

Yesterday, early in the morning, we were all informed that the computer class was canceled after staying in the computer lab for almost one hour. But, assessment that is more like an assignment was given by Mr. Harith – we're allowed to do it at home and send it to the class representative upon completion. The so-called assessment is so damn easy that no one would actually fail. Would you like to know why?

Prepare a presentation slides using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 with the following criteria:
1. Select a hotel (international or domestic) for your slides presentation.
2. Minimum of 3 slides are required for the presentation.
3. The slides must contain image of the hotel, types of available rooms and rates, and facilities available at the hotel.
4. Automate the slides transition for 3 seconds each.
5. Add animations for objects in the slides.

Don't you think this so-called assessment is too damn easy to be done, plus do it at home? In my experience, I shouldn't be overexcited since I haven't started doing it yet. Who knows it would become super difficult later?

Nahhh, don't ever try to make it happens!

After about one month of studying in Taylor's UC, I realize that I like my current life more than that of in CH. Yes, it is still stressful and I somehow feel like giving up but, compare the both of my life, I prefer college life instead. :) Going to bed after 12am seems to become something that I used to do, as I have to stay up late in the food court to either complete the bloody assignments or study, or entertain me myself, but it might as well make someone worries. Yes, the badman. I don't really feel good when I make him worried indeed, but this kind of condition might be remained until the internet service is available (they have postponed from the end of August to the end of September and I got quite pissed because of how they work). :\ FTL!

B, I'm so sorry to being naughty during these weeks but, I promise I will arrange my time once the internet service is available. However, I will still try not to stay up late during this period. Lubbie! ;D

By the way, I love sitting by the lakeside at night, especially when the weather is pretty good. If the weather is hot in the daytime, it might still be windy at night; if it rains, for sure that it would be super cold to sitting at somewhere outdoor then. It might be great to have some heart-to-heart conversation in that kind of situation, because the surrounding would be so quiet and comfortable that might make you express your feelings quite well, I guess. It might as well be a great moment to sitting by the lakeside to clear your mind when you feel stress, or when you are annoyed by something or someone. Seriously, I love this kind of situation and the love would never change, I suppose. It is not that I love being emotional, but I just love to stay in such kind of condition at some particular moment, especially when the badman is around.

That's why; I'm always so craving for some trips to the seaside, the mountains, and some other natural places that the beautiful views can be seen. I like ecotourism, as well as adventure tourism. Nahhh! I'm not addicted to tourism management okay! :P

That's why; I'm always so craving for some part time jobs that I might earn some income to support my trips – with the badman perhaps. I don't travel alone, because I hate being alone, for your information. I'm still waiting to ask for some part time jobs once the shops or restaurants of the commercial block in Taylor's UC are open.

So far, there're only Subway, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng which is still under renovation and will be done pretty soon, and Starbucks and Baskin-Robbins which have just started renovating. Wheeeeeee!

Night life oh night life, I like you so much indeed. :D

Look, another wordy post again. :\


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