14 July 2010

Can it be a never ending story?

I have been blogging a lot lately, which was like at least 4 blog posts a day. I was bored, I admit. But I found something stupid. Why I never thought of summarizing my life in CHSJ, or even CH? How stupid I am! D: So I am going to summarize at least one of them, even though it has been months ago. But it doesn't matter, right?

Let's start with CHSJ. I'm going to use the photos taken to recall all the memories since there are too much things for me to recall.

From left: Hao Che, Jiamin, Kar Yee, Tze Sien, and Park Min.

This was taken during the divisional competition of 2006. Wee Leng was our team leader. For your information, a leader doesn't need to join the competition. Hence, you would not get to see her face in the photo. Guess what? We have got the champion in foot drill! That was really a great surprise. I have the medal but, it was in my cupboard. Not going to show off LAAAH! I am such a shy girl. XD

Hao Che was the so-called Edward, so is this team Edward? LOL! Ignore me.

We participated in a state competition that was held in Methodist Boy School in 2007. The leader was Tyan, while the following members were Bin Xin, me, Becca, and Su Fern. Our team manager was Swee Ying. Ying Hui was the helper. Spot the tall guy at the back? That was the chairperson of CHSJ of the year, Derrick. Spot our funny hair? Super hard I tell you! X) Our trainers used damn lots of gel to gel our hair so that they would not be messy during the competitions. That's a must!

We cried right after we left the auditorium as we got nothing back. We hugged together at the corridor. The participants that came out from the auditorium saw us crying, but we didn't care about how they thought about us. Just cry!

I miss that time a lot, to be honest, but unfortunately, we're no longer a team. One team separated into 3 teams just right after the competition. Sigh! We didn't actually dismiss, but we were like automatically dismissed.

They came on the second day of the competition to support us. Spot the kiddy faces especially the first person at the left side in the first row? LOL!

These were the members of the year 2007. We used to take a group photo after the second annual general meeting (AGM), but we didn't take any one last year. WHY?! :( Did we take any group photo in 2008? I can't even remember!

From left: Sue Wei, Jiamin, Tedd Chan, Ruey Yee, Sue Yee.

I went duty with the girls at National Science Centre and this Singaporean artist (correct me if I'm wrong), Tedd Chan went there for some advertisement about environmental protection. I don't know why I was so stupid to buy the container with his CD inside. There were just about 4 or 5 songs in the CD! :( I have abandoned it for at least a year. Oops! :P

There's a tradition in CH. Every society has to organize an orientation party when the activity starts. It is specially organized to welcome the newbies. So this was the one we had this year. Spot the tall guy with a red and white sleeveless top in the first photo? That was our ex-member, Wei Jie, and now his sister is one of our members.

Seriously, I missed everything we had been through in the past, especially the gaming session. It was always the craziest session among all that we had throughout the year.

I found this picture from some book given by the school. We were actually on duty at the school's jog-a-thon competition at Padang Merbuk, KL. It was a tiring day, but it was somehow sweet when my crush was around the place where I could see. Heee! I didn't pay fully attention. I'm not that irresponsible!

They were some of my recruits. They brought me a lot of disappointments that made me cried a lot. They brought me a lot of hardships and sufferings that I never thought I would have suffered from those shit. But, in the meantime, they brought me a lot of experiences and they taught me how to be a good leader. :) I missed them a lot, to be honest. They're all my kids! I wonder if they could still or not remember me. :\

Other than the orientation party above, there's also a tradition in CH that every society (maybe) has to organize a party before we stop having society in July, August, or September. It is like an activity to end up the year or something like that. And yea, this was the one in the year 2009.

There were around 30 persons from CHSJ plus some seniors attended the annual dinner last year. Can you see the people who were sitting at the front row? They were all seniors from CHSJ and there was an officer, Mr. Tan Gengta.

Oops! This was taken during the annual dinner but, he was not from CHSJ. Okay LAAAH! That's my crush. ;D

Not only joining the activities in school, we sometimes hung out together too! This was the craziest singing I've ever had. They skipped the songs that you choose again and again. LOL!

Just so you know CH celebrated the 90-year-old birthday last year. We, the uniform organizations were ordered to perform foot drills at somewhere-I-don't-know-how-to-tell. I was one of the performers, and I was the leader of team CHSJ. Wtf! Damn nervous mannn! My family came and visited me too. :) You know, it was the very first time they went to watch my performance even though it's been 5 years. I was about to cry when they came right before I performed, indeed.

Chao Feng organized a camp last year in Sungai Chongkak, Selangor. He invited the people of form 5 and form 6 from CHSJ to join it. I did, but I didn't really enjoy the camp. I even regretted of joining the camp. Oh well.

We went countdown at 31st of December, 2009 together in Sunway Pyramid. We stayed over in Yew Chung's bungalow in USJ. It brought me a real sweet memory even though my legs were in great pain because of the high heels. I missed the donuts from J.Co Donuts & Coffee.

I was one of the committees last year, hence, I was there taking this photo with the committees. I cried a lot in the year, and because of those happenings, I got to know some truths that the people would never trust me since they were not the person concerned. However, I am proud that I could still handle them, even though I didn't make everything well.

This was taken in the camp in June (or May) 2010. I went back to school as a helper to help them on photographing. I hope there is another chance for me to be a helper of CHSJ, even though it's tiring. I just don't want to miss out any of their activities!

So I think that's all for the 5 years I have been through in CHSJ. Most of the photos were missing, and these are the only photos I could post over here. I'm sorry! :O I missed them so much that I always so wanted to go back to visit them. :) I missed my kids; I missed my crazy friends; I missed those days. I swear I will join them whenever I'm free! I SWEAR!

Wondering what does CHSJ stand for? CHSJ stands for Chong Hwa St. John! :DDD


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