13 July 2010

It fits my blog!

I don't know what is the reason, but I realized that I am kind of like addicted to pink. Yes, PINK! Not every pink attracts me, though. Amaranth, brink pink, cerise, cerise pink, dark pink, ruby, and variations of pink are the pink that I like the most. Go Google it if you don't know what kind of pink they are.

Found the common point of the pink that I listed above? Yea, they are just as like as the pink that I set as my link colour. The other pink like Hollywood cerise, hot magenta, and rose are acceptable as well.

BUT! If you want me to buy sport shoes in that kind of pink, I will just hold opposite opinion because of my sake. Light pink is enough, but I rather buy sports shoes in some other colours like purple. Well, for my sake, too! :P T-shirts in those pink are acceptable. Seriously, I need pink clothes because I am lacking in them. Accessories in pink, bags in pink, bed in pink, shoes in pink, and some other things in pink are things that I am looking forward to have. But I don't think I want a room in pink pffft. And I don't want any ice-cream in pink. EWWW!

So yah, would you like to bring me some pink stuff? :DDD

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