13 July 2010

Race to witch mountain.

Have you seen this movie?

I watched it in the midnight when Syn and her family were on the way back to my house from KLIA after their trip to Hong Kong. I did not watch the whole movie, but I watched it when it was more than halfway to go.

Well, I have to admit that I was a little bit attracted by one of the main character, Alexander Ludwig (don't ask me why). His name was Seth in the movie, and he has a sister, named Sara (AnnaSophia Robb). They were both aliens and were chased by the government officials and the "Syphon", a killer from the outer space that has been sent to kill the teenagers by the military of their planet that want to invade the Earth. In the end, both the teenagers found their UFO with the help of Jack Bruno (Dwayne Johnson), a cab driver and a woman, and they drove themselves back to their planet after their mission accomplished.

It is kind of like an action movie. I don't like action movie, but I like this one. :) Watch it via PPS if you're interested.

I asked my youngest brother, "Was this why the people could record the videos of UFO?" Get what I mean? I know it's lame. X)

P/S: I'm sorry that I couldn't blog better due to my sickness. :\


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