14 July 2010

I miss the snow time.

For your information, these photos were taken about 3 years ago, which means in the year 2007. Don't expect to see a better-looking person in the photos since we were still form 3. We were all looking retarded, I know! Just don't tell me the truth. XDDD

You will probably know where it is if you have been there, especially Malaysian. If not, I suggest you to find out where the logo in the third photo belongs to. There are so many search engines there. Don't tell me you can't search any!

Okay, I know it is not an easy job. :P

These were taken in the Snow World in Genting Highland. The visitors are not allowed to bring their cameras into the snow place. They don't want to get any complaint telling that their camera is freezing maybe? Therefore, there is a photographer who comes in to help you on photographing, but he only comes at certain time period. You have to be sharp-eyed if you want to take photo in the snow place, so that you won't miss out any time. He only captures 3 photos for each group, though.

You can get the photos from the counter when you leave the snow place later but you have to pay for sure. Funny! No? Malaysia mah! :X Their camera would never freeze no matter how. That's why they could still bring their camera around inside the Snow House. GENG! Once again, this is Malaysia. Oops!

Not to mention my nearly-break nose. The snow place was freaking cold (the temperature was around 4 or 5 degree Celsius) until I couldn't feel my nose. Wtf! I thought it was gone but fortunately, it's still there. Phew! It's true! I am not exaggerating! Okay, maybe I myself was too weak, and then I will just shut up. We went out to get teeny-weeny bit warm and then got inside again. Not only once, but a few times. Can you imagine that?

They provided winter jacket and gloves as well, but they were all wet. I don't think they're useful. Other than that, they were freaking smelly that they contained sweats and tears of thousands of people. Ewww! :S Oh well, what can you expect from a place like that with such kind of staffs? Oops! No offense!

However, if you're not afraid of the coldness and the smell of the jackets and gloves, it could still be fun. :) We threw the ice to each other like crazy girls and boys. I was about to scream "PAIN AHHH!" or maybe "COLD AHHH!" when they threw the ice towards my going-to-freeze face, but I would most probably eat the ice if I do so. They even accidentally threw the ice into one of my baby ears pffft. Pitiful Jiamin! We even threw the ice onto the slides for our sakes. LOL! They change their theme very often if I'm not mistaken. Apparently, ours was a Christmas theme since we went there in November.

Go try it out! :D


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