16 July 2010

I miss Chong Hwa.

"Popeye, the sailorman. Tut tut!"

Play this video just in case you don't know.

HAHAHA! Alright, I am being too excited I know. I texted B that Popeye song right after I was done bathing. It is some kind of message that I mentioned previously but alright, he did not get it. Never mind. It's fine. :\

Let's back to the original topic.

I missed CH a lot I admit. I can't stop recalling about it, and I even went to look for some photos to post them here but, mission failed. :( There are a lot of photos taken in CH in my old Friendster account but I could not log in to that account anymore.

My old email address doesn't even exist! What a pity.

Fortunately, I saved all the photos taken with B in my phone's memory stick.

Okay, I'm straying from the point again. :P

So, what I can do is just to copy all the latest photos taken with my secondary school friends from Facebook and post them here. Bad enough, right? :( I will just try my best to summarize everything I had been through in CH. There may be something about CHSJ I'm afraid.

For your information, my secondary school was Chong Hwa Independent High School, KL. In the past, the people would go "Woah!" or "Wow! You're a genius!" or something like that whenever they heard someone studying in the school but now, they would just go "Ooo.". It's true! Maybe there are still some fellows who are still thinking that CHKL is the best among all but, it is no longer the best one to be honest.

You might ask why I used CH as the short form of the name of my school instead of CHKL or CHIHS. Well, that is just the shortest short form. Some people might use CHKL, but no one is using CHIHS I guess.

In CH, we don't have probationary class since most of you know CH doesn't accept those students with extremely poor results. Everyone starts off from form 1 except for those late enrollees from another independent high school. For those late enrollees from SMK or some similar secondary schools, you have to start off from form 1 like the new students. I was in Junior Middle One Ai, the fourth class in Junior Middle One. The people said Junior Middle One doesn't have excellent class or something like that so, fine.

There was nothing special happened when I was form 1. But unfortunately, I wasn't in the class photo. I went for some duty and they took the class photo without informing me. :( Oh ya! I was one of the students in charge of Kemahiran Hidup, while the other one was Kai Liang. The teacher was Ms. Chong Chung Poh.

In the second year, which was the year 2006, I was in Junior Middle Two Ping. Ms. Chong Chung Poh was our class teacher. Hell yea, the teacher who taught me Kemahiran Hidup when I was form 1. I had been chosen as the class monitor for sure. The vice class monitor was as well her ex-student in charge. There were quite a lot of happenings happened this year.

Awww! My best drawing ever! XDDD Okay, come back. We threw some wet, coloured tissues up to the ceiling whenever the teachers weren't looking at us. Wondering what did we use to colour the tissues? You know, there is something called highlighter. So when the tissues dried, they would just stick on the ceiling and created some designs, like how I drew.

The class teacher didn't seem to like it, though.

I personally think it is so cute. HAHAHA! X) This was the craziest thing I have ever done in CH. If you are Chinese, you would probably know what this is for. I, as a class monitor of the class, was the one who started this brand new activity. I drew the shape on an A4 paper and cut it out, what's next? I placed it on the floor, assuming that was my class teacher, and I stepped on it. The others who were sitting behind me followed me as well, and a betrayer complained it to that teacher. Wtf! He even sat right beside me for the other 6 months, and kept asking me something about homework. Oh well.

Alright, I have talked too much about form 2. Let's go on to form 3.

I was in Junior Middle Three Li. I had both PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah) and UEC (Unified Examination Certificate) in this year. How stressful! But still, I had been through all those shit.

Not to forget the state competition that I participated in this year. The first day of the competition was the day I had my Biochemistry examination. We took part in the exam early in the morning before we went to the Methodist Boy School. Yes, I scored quite well for that paper. :D But we didn't do well in the competition. Sad one. :(

We organized a trip to Taman Negara in Pahang at the end of the year, with the help of a travel agency. That was the best trip I had ever joined even though it was really tiring. Andrew gave me an unforgettable memory by pulling me into the cold water, and he frightened me. Great, eh? I shivered for quite some time after that and my class teacher provided me a bottle of drinking water to calm myself. Phew! Thanks Felicia for saving me at that time. :] There're still a lot of memorable cases happened during the trip but I don't think you're going to read them all.

Can I just skip it?

We went Genting Highland right after we came back from the trip to Taman Negara. How energetic we are! This was the best group photo we have taken in Snow World, Genting Highland.

Other than that, this year was the year we had to choose which stream we would like to go, either science stream or art stream. I choose science stream since I wanted to be a doctor, but the school wanted me to go art stream since my results in science subjects couldn’t achieve their target. I did the application again and again and finally, I was in science stream.

I regretted, though. Let's just skip it.

I had been transferred from 4 A Ren (A refers to Art) to 4 S Xin (S refers to Science). Some people said it is Senior Middle Four Xin but I still prefer 4 S Xin. :P Ms. Cecelia, the shortie, was our class teacher. She taught us Chemistry, but her Chemistry and her teaching skill were both sucks! Oops! :X She made everyone hated Chemistry so much. LOL! But alright, at least that didn't harm my results in the end. This year was just like a honeymoon year since we didn't have any examination like PMR or UEC.

Not to mention my love relationship that started off this year. I met my crush in December 2007, and we became couple on 6th of January, 2008. Hehehe!

Spot the only guy in the photo? That's my crush. :D The one who was standing right in front of him with a retarded look was me! I joined 30 Hour Famine with him in the same year. Since the committees wanted us to form our own group, both of us decided to be in the same group. The others were all our friends too.

They are the buddies who had been helping me a lot throughout the year. They are Amelia, Mei Yu, JessicaJiamin, Yen Nee, and NZ. Thanks a lot, girls! Seriously, I miss you all.

Here comes the last year of my life in CH. I was in 5 S Xin. Our class teacher was a fat, male, but a very kind Physic teacher. I don't know how to explain how kind he was, but he was really the best Physic teacher I have ever seen. Not that he gave us a lot of tips before the examination, but he taught us a lot and joked a lot with us to prevent us from falling asleep in his class, to be honest. This is just one of those reasons, though. ;) They participated in the choir competition again, but I regretted for not joining them. I was so stupid to sacrifice the chance just to take care of my kids. D:

We had SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, or the Malaysian Certificate of Education) this year. I have got a not-so-good result. I'm so shy to publish them on my blog and so, don't ask me to publish them, alright? :P

Before I forget it, I finally got to have a class photo! :DDD Unfortunately, they added some frame around the photo and it was kind of like being damaged. :( Why didn't they just give us an original one?

I'm asking the person in charge, not you!

Did you notice that I said form 5 was my last year in CH? Yea, that's true. I didn't even complete my form 6, so this year should not be my very last year. Make sense, no? I was supposed to be in 6 S Ren this year, but I quitted from CH. I mean, I am no longer a student from 6 S Ren, get it?

Let's back to form 6. I mean, back to the story, but not the life, alright?

The guy in front was my new friend of the year, Sin Ee. He was funny, naughty, playful, but still very helpful at times. Honestly, this photo was taken during the class. LOL! We're always being so naughty, but still very clever LAAAH.

He left CH after me. He wanted to take STPM (Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia, or Malaysia Higher School Certificate) instead of UEC-SML or SUEC (Unified Examination Certificate - Senior Middle Levels), so he is now studying in SMK Kepong Baru (correct me if I'm wrong).

It means cold war. Apparently, that was not my handwriting since my handwriting was not as ugly as that. :P So yea, the handwriting was belonged to Sin Ee, the new friend of mine. But we didn't really fight of course. We're not that childish okay?

Okay, what we did was childish enough I know.

Chia Yuan left us in January (or February). We sang a song together at the last period, and then some of them cried when the bell rang. Frightened by the bell? Hello, I know you're not that stupid.

I would like to proudly say that I could still get to take a class photo with them before I left the school. This photo was taken for some graduation thingy I guess. Will you all take another photo without me inside? I hope you won't. Heee!

Phew! I'm finally done. :D Guys, I really missed you all very much. I missed Ms. Chow Siew Chuen, my class teacher of this year, too. I will visit you all whenever I have time to make it.

Keep in touch!


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