17 July 2010

The durian BOOM.

Like finally, I get to online but the clock tells me I am too late. But anyway, I told myself I must make this post before I do any other things. Hehehe! My work went on very well, and I think I can at least get my rubbishes all cleared before I move to my hostel. I would like to thank my boy for all he had done to me this whole day.

I will blog about it later. :)

Here, I would like to introduce something really delicious momma bought for me from a restaurant at Karak, Yik Kee Restaurant. Some of you might have known about it a very long time ago, but I just simply want to blog about it. :P Note that you can actually leave if you are not a durian lover.

This is the boom that I have got from momma. The people named it as a durian BOOM instead of a durian ball or whatsoever. Yea, it's true!

Look at the filling. Trust me, you would run of your mouth if you are a durian lover. It smells really good, and one bite could actually bring you to the heaven. Oh, I don't mind you would die, but it tastes really great. I hope you get what I mean.

Awww! I can't stop thinking its smell whenever I reviewed the photo. This is really yummy!

Nom nom nom.

I don't know any about the history of the restaurant, but I am pretty sure this would be a great BOOM if you love durian. Well, of course, the original one is always better than this. Don't talk nonsense. XD But if you don't like eating sweet food, then you better try one bite before the whole boom booms your mouth.

This is the address of the Yik Kee Restaurant in Karak:
29, Jalan Besar,
28600 Karak,
Tel: 609-231 1240



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