17 July 2010

Just keep in touch! :)

Dear readers, I might not be updating too often like what I did before anymore. I know I had been updating my blog really often but now, I have to stop myself from doing it. I have to control, and so I'm here to do this announcement. College life is starting very soon on next Wednesday, and these days I have to work very hard to tidy up my room.

Let me tell you all my plans before I start my college life.

Tomorrow, my boy is coming to my house to help me out in my room so that everything could go faster. I have been too lazy in the past and everything might have delayed. :( I'm panicked. Don't laugh at me please! :| Yea I know I should deserve being laughed. Laugh then. So bad.

Okay, you're good. :P

Poppa is coming back on the coming Sunday. I have told you, right? Therefore, I might not be able to stay in front of this laptop for too long since poppa doesn't like it. Besides, I have to tidy up my room on that day all by myself. I wish to finish it on that day.

Next Monday, I might be going to Taylor's University College to clear all the payment. I was informed to get it done before the orientation day. My eldest brother decided to do it on Monday, which I also have to ask about the accommodation on the same day. He definitely wants me to take the risk! If I have to move to the hostel on Tuesday, I would probably kill my brother for his stupidest decision. Gaaah! D:

The next day, I have to get everything done for sure, including my luggage that I have to bring to my hostel. Wth! I don't even know when I should move to the hostel. D: Today? Tomorrow? Or the hostel is still under construction? Alright, it's not the time for the crap.

So, do you get what I am trying to tell? I hope you do. ;) I hope I won't lose my readers when I come back later. Heee! ;D

But, still, I'm not going to abandon my blog. I swear I will still come back whenever I can.

I miss my boy.



  1. just drop by to say hi x)
    u shld chg my boy to guy ady haha
    since he's ady 20yrs old.

  2. He said he hasn't, because his birthday hasn't come. HAHAHA! XD


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