18 July 2010

We just have to believe it.

Just as what I said in the previous post, I'm going to blog about my more-than-halfway-done work right now. I hope you will not get bored with my post. Hehehe!

Honestly, I got so excited when I first started to tidy up my messy room. I even took some photos of the useless knickknacks before I threw them off into the dustbin. Just, take a look. Nothing special, I admit.

These are the things and stuffs that I would never throw them off. I got the cute, tiny flowerpot from CHSJ, the piggy tumbler (it is used to place toilet paper inside but I don't know what it called) from ZM, the piggy little dustbin from Wei Qing, the glass bottle from my buddies, and the Aeolian bells from Nicholas Teo. I guess you have found something right?


The first class monitor of 6A in 2004, and the first leader of prefect in 2003. I was not both of them, though. It was just that they did not have any more stock for me as a vice-class monitor and a vice-leader. Sucks, eh? I have thrown them into the dustbin anyway.

The rest were things that I wanted to throw off but momma said they can be used or put on the cupboard. Hence, there's nothing else for me to give anyone.

When I was being bored, I took this for fun. But I admit that this was the outcome after I tore off the used part. Oops! Momma, doggie bit my paper!

No dogs are allowed to bring into my house, alright? Blame momma.

Here goes my AWESOME mark for one of the Chemistry papers. This is just so oh-my-God, isn't it? What a shame! D: But I don't mind showing it since it's just a tiny part of my life.

My high school actually used this yellowish easy-to-be-tore paper in the olden days. This kind of paper had been causing a lot of troubles to us students such as the larger size that couldn't fit our plastic files. But they have changed it into a white A4 paper recently.

This was how it looked a few days ago. I took a day of rest for the next day, and then I continued my work again.

Things were getting more and more for sure. :S Spot the cupboard at the right side? I took everything out from the cupboard indeed, but these are just part of it.

In fact, this work used to irritate me in the past because I had a lot of examinations to prepare. And now, I would still get irritated. Not that I hate tidying up all those things, but my brothers don't like doing it and it turned out to be my responsibility to get it done. If I refused to do it, it would be momma's responsibility then, and I would have felt guilty about it. Wtf!

After arranging them, I found that I actually have bought a lot of novels in the past. Are you interested? Heee!

This was terribly horrible. LOL! It was done by my B, a guy with two strong arms. When he was breaking the CDs, I was so afraid of the sound. PAK! PAK! PAK! My first reaction was to roll myself into a ball for God's sake.

When I was playing with my digital camera, he was taking a look at things that were surrounded him. Beyond doubt, they were all from the cupboard that I have mentioned above. I took the chance to capture him, and this fellow showed me his innocent look. -_______-

When I was trying to clear some of the stuffs around me, guess what he was doing other than taking photos of me?

He was checking out my photos taken ages ago and he sometimes laughed at me.

This is a little bit weird for me. :\ So I jumped and jumped and jumped to ask him to take again.

In conclusion, I will never ever wear such kind of big size T-shirt anymore when I want to take photo. My clothes are mostly M size, and this is L size. For your information, the sizes of the T-shirts from my school are always bigger than usual since there are boys and girls. Hence, this T-shirt should be considered as XL size (or maybe XXL size). Sigh! I feel that I look like a pregnant woman pffft.

Yes? No?

Other than these, there were actually two cases happened when we're tidying up my room yesterday.

Firstly, he hugged me and he was being so perceptual all of a sudden. He talked a lot to me like "I would be missing this room a lot" and something like that. He talked A LOT of those shits to me. I ended up having a good cry in his embrace. Wth! He should not say that at that time but he did it. :| However, after a good cry, I found that I actually like my place a lot. I found that I would feel upset after moving to the hostel, which I thought I wouldn't. I shall thank him instead of putting the blame on him. :) I stopped crying after a while, and we continued our work.

Secondly, when we were resting, I got mad of him (just wanting him to hug me) and I didn't want to bother him. Guess what? He used my huge pillow to hit my butt again and again rather than soothing me or what. Damn! I went away and I cried alone. He thought I was still playing with him. He continued bullying me like what he did just now. I waved my hand to shoo him away, then only he realized I was crying. Yea, he soothed me back then. Boy, you're so bad. :P

Just as what I mentioned for quite a few times in my blog entries, I am moving to hostel very soon. I don't know when we can meet again. That's why I was appreciating everything we had done yesterday. We went to the market to get our breakfasts with momma and the other two little boys; we tidied up the room together for the whole day; we fought for fun; we hugged together whenever I cried; you massaged my shoulder; you gave me some advices, and the list goes on. I will never forget the day even though it's just so simple.

Just like what I set as our blog title – believe it! I believe we will last forever, what about you?

Thanks for the day. I miss you.


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