18 July 2010

I love you, as a cousin sister.

Since I am taking a rest after tidying up my room for a few hours, I decided to blog about a cousin of mine, Wei Qing.

Wondering why I posted the photos? She took them with my phone, and she edited them and left them in my phone.

For your information, she and her family stayed over in my house for a few weeks. Their house in Shah Alam was still under renovation. Today, they moved to their house early in the morning when I was sleeping in my room.

Other than her sister, Syn, I miss her very much. When she was still here staying in my house, she gave me a Facebook poke, a daily poke, a Twitter poke, an MSN poke, an OMG-I-am-so-bored-so-I-am-going-to-poke-you poke, and an I-want-to-pee poke every single day. It might be lame for you, but I missed it a lot.

Today, I woke up at around 12pm. I went to on this laptop. When I was about to go out for brunch with my family, I accidentally saw a piece of paper beside my bed. I was so surprised. I thought I would not receive it since she wasn't sleeping in my room, but I was wrong. Yes, I have been thinking if I would or not receive the second letter from her. It was really out of my expectation. I brought it to downstairs and I read it.

Guess what? I nearly cry after reading the letter. She's always being so sweet, and that's exactly why I love her so much. When I was down, she was the one who made me laugh. When I was being upset, she was the one who made my day. It's true, Wei Qing. :) I texted her when I was on the way for brunch, telling her how touched I was. She doubted that I would forget her, but she still left me a sad face.

Qing, I swear I will never forget you, to be honest. You are a few years younger than me, but I love talking to you. Sometimes we might be childish, but still, I love those moments a lot. Those feelings beggared description I admit. Note that you are not going to escape from my most-important-people list! :D

I love you, as a cousin sister. ;)



  1. so cool you get to be close with your cousins.. i dont have that closeness with mine.. =)

  2. Yea! That's why I appreciate every moment of being together with her.


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