04 September 2010

I have got a new laptop!

Yoohooooooo! :DDD

It is so obvious that I am sort of overexcited, isn't it? Everything happened so fast and I can't really believe that, I have a new laptop! ;D It is Dell Inspiron 15R, which is the newest model in Dell. Well, of course, I choose Featuring Intel® Core™ i3 Processor instead of i5, because I don't think I need such an expensive laptop for all I have to do. This is already expensive enough.

Let me tell you how the whole thing happened.

It started on Thursday, in the late afternoon when I was on the way back to hostel from Sunway Pyramid together with the badman. Dad sent me a text, asking me whether which laptop model I would like to have, because he intended to buy me a new one so that he can bring the one I was using to Hong Kong. It was such a huge surprise indeed.

I went back home on Friday. I asked him, when he's going to buy me a laptop, he said at night. That was indeed a "WOW" since I never thought it would be that fast. I didn't really place high hopes on it as I didn't want it to end up with a huge disappointment. He started planning our dinner in the afternoon, making me more and more nervous yet excited.

Finally, the night came. We had our dinner in the city, but, still, I didn't dare to really think about the new laptop. There we went – Plaza Low Yat. Just so you know it is a place with damn lot of digital things and stuffs. Most of our digital things, especially the computers, were brought from there. After asking again and again, poppa decided to purchase my laptop from this stall. And there, the entire waiting-for-disappointment feeling had gone after he did the payment.

Gosh! I felt so bad seeing him paying with his credit card again. He had been spending a lot on me since after I entered Taylor's UC. :(

And I'm now using my new baby, in red! :D

There was this conversation that made me afraid in the afternoon.

"Min, is this laptop (the one I was using which was originally belonged to him) good? Is there any problem?" poppa asked me when he was using it.
"So far, no."
"Oh! Then you use this one lah! I use the new one."
I went speechless after that. I looked at momma, and guess what? She shook her head, meaning that it's impossible for poppa to use this new laptop that is now belongs to me.

Dang! Again, I feel so bad to think in that way – a sign of an unfilial daughter. D:

By the way, I'm so excited with my very first brand new laptop – my new baby! Wheeeeeee! :D



  1. Your old one no problem you use the old one lah. XD

  2. No, dad said he wants to bring the new one to HK. And, even if he wants to bring the new one to HK, my mum wouldn't allow as well. X)

  3. Haha. Yalo. I wish to see your laptop too.

  4. Okay, wait. I will take the photo soon. :)


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