01 September 2010

I'm not trying to be mean but, FYL!

Hooray! The spoiler has definitely ruined my almost-done plan of giving him a birthday surprise on the 10th of September. Yes, it is an almost-done plan and now, everything turns to become nothing and not anymore important.

Round of applause, please! :(

Wtf! Never ask me who he is, because I would answer you, "Who else I would plan such a big surprise for?" For the sake of his scout gathering, of course, but actually I'm so wanted to give him that surprise, pretty badly indeed. But, fine, he is the king on that day and so, I would just shut my pitiful mouth.

Ish! Am I having bad lucks this week? My assignments went on pretty well but after all that bloody shits, things started to go wrong. So, so wrong and I couldn't manage to think of what is going on and what brought me such troubles.

Honestly, I cried today, right after the role play. I do, I do like this course because of the friends around and of course, every subjects that I'm studying. Things have been going wrongly but still, they ended up perfectly and smoothly in the end. Nothing can actually influence my mind of taking this course. Nothing can really make me regret of taking this course. There is NO such thing that I'm not interested in this course and whatnot.

Can you see what I highlighted?

When you don't really know a person, never simply judge him or her, because you never take note of what he or she has been doing and how much efforts he or she has been putting in to make something succeeds. So what if you are a lecturer? So what if you know very well about the behaviors of the students nowadays? Are you sure everyone is actually having the same behavior? It might be, but as long as I am who I am, I am not those students that you meant.

Sir, I'm so sorry to tell that, I will be in this course until I graduate, at least in diploma. I know I didn't put more efforts on this role play, because I was running out of time indeed. Okay, you don't want such kind of excuse. But hello, that was only my very first role play and for your information, I'm pretty weak in practical. Moreover, I was suffering from the menstrual pain and it was pretty suffered. Look, you don't even know anything about me and you kept on saying that I'm not serious, as well as some of my classmates. Are you sure?

When the role play first started, I was the one who kept on asking questions and my partner did nothing. You shot me on the spot until the class ended, instead of saying something to my partner. Damn! I was trying my best, but now, I've lost the confidence.

So what if you are a lecturer? Is there any benefit for you to being such sarcastic? Yes, you didn't mention my name, so what did you mean by looking at me so frequently and mentioning "this role play" and whatsoever? Ish! That was such a disappointment but, fine, I wouldn't want to care. As long as from now on, I will do my best to show you my interest on this course that I have chosen.




  1. sometimes crying is an expression... it's not wrong. There are many ups and downs in life. Just that we don't know when it will come. So stay strong no matter what ok? Hope u will get well soon from ur menstrual pain :) take care!

  2. I cried a lot yesterday, but your advice really helps. Thank you a million times! :)


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