20 September 2010

Shall I hate blue?

It seems like being in the campus is so much better than being at home because there're friends who love making jokes and laughter are always around. Wheeeeeee! ;D

Well, seriously, there're many happenings around lately. One of them was that I received three news of peoples' death today, in the morning, when I was on my way to this campus. It's indeed shocking. "What the hell is going on this week?" everyone gave exactly the same response when they first knew the news, including me.

The first one was Aunty Jenny's father. Aunty Jenny is a friend of one of my aunts in Johor but, she's more like my aunt as she knows us very well since we're young. I'm not sure why her father passed away. It might be troubled by old age.

The second one was an old friend of my grandma back in Mentakab, Pahang. I don't know who he or she is, but it's probably caused by old age as well, since my grandma is already around 85.

Some of my aunts, my cousins, and my grandparents are actually vacationing in Cameron Highland and they're supposed to be back on either tomorrow or Wednesday. Due to the news that I mentioned above, they're coming back tonight and one of my aunts will be rushing back to Johor for the funeral whilst my grandparents will be rushing back to Mentakab for another funeral as well.

Sigh! :(

The third one was my cousin brother's friend's father in Ipoh. For your information, the friend is Jason, and he has some sickness. He usually played badminton with my eldest brother and my cousin brother but, one day, he suddenly went back to Ipoh without informing anyone, as if his sickness was getting worse. Everyone was worried, since he didn't answer his call or reply the texts. Until today, my cousin brother got a call from him, and everything was entirely cleared. His father died of a similar sickness as him.

Right now, I really want to know, what's actually going on today? Are those cases trying to tell that today is a blue Monday? I hope not.



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