08 September 2010

Study if you want to cheat.

I was supposed to be having class just now but, it finished pretty early, and everyone immediately yelled for holiday!

I have said goodbye to Geography's midterm assessment in the morning, but now I'm saying hi to the final examinations. Wtf! Who would want to spend his or her whole holidays with the bloody notes? Sigh!

This time I swear, I am so going to put a lot of efforts to get better results.


Well, as what you can see, I'm going to post something about cheating your parents during the examinations. Please note that I'm not going to be responsible for anything that you're going to do after reading my blog. :P

Honestly, I do cheat, and it started since I was form 2. Teeheee! I am such a bad, naughty girl. I cheated almost all the time when I was around the age but now, I have my rules of cheating. Don't laugh; I would never ever throw all restraint to the winds when it comes to cheating, and it's definitely harming your future to cheat in the college or university. You wouldn't be able to cheat anymore, when you're in your career. At least to me, it is.

As what I mentioned above, we had Geography's midterm assessment today. There was this girl who kept on asking me to sit beside her during the assessment to help her since a few days ago. Let's see what we chatted on Facebook.


She made me feel as if she's making use of me. I'm pretty sure she didn't really put effort into this assessment. It's not that I am being so mean to say that, but that is exactly what she always does. So how I am supposed to help her?

For sure that I will try my best to help if I can, but if she doesn't want to study at all, I would have to spend most of my time telling her all the answers. Isn't it unfair? Certainly, I would fail for not having enough time to answer all the questions, which I am supposed to be able to answer.

She left a chair beside her empty today, and she asked either me or Farah to sit beside her. We rejected her with a smile, which was a damn fake one, and she whispered with another girl. I'm not so sure what they're talking about but, it was so damn obvious, wasn't it? Instead, we sat at the first row.

I don't tell directly, because I don't want to lose any friendship.

Apart from that, there was as well this girl who wanted me to send her all the notes given by Mr. Mathieu in the late midnight. I did, but after that, she told me to sit beside her during the assessment, on Facebook. I rejected her mildly and indirectly, of course.

Obviously, she hadn't even studied anything since she didn't have any notes at all before I emailed her. To make short of long, she is indeed just as same as the previous girl I was talking about. You know it lah!

If you really want to cooperate with me, make sure you have tried your best to study as many as you can.



  1. lol.....such an attitude...despise! hehe, u did the right choice :)

  2. But how is your assessment? Is it ok?

  3. kyle: I'm afraid of losing any friendship indeed. :\

    Maxloon: Yeap, it is at least much better than the previous one. ;D

  4. lol the only time i cheat was during high school's ujian bulanan =P

  5. if i were u, i will tell her... go bang ur idiot head on the wall and dont come and see me again! XD

  6. High school frens are like tat 2 me..
    I dun hv real frens in my high school life b4..al using me =(

  7. ken: LOL! So good boy meh? Hmmm. XDDD

    Sarah: I don't mind to let her read this, since it depends on how she thinks. I don't think I'm wrong by telling her all these. If she really reads, she would either back-stab me, or change her attitude but, I don't think I care. :)

    Henry: Then I would probably lose all the friendships. LOL! XDDD

    Everlyn: That's why you have to be aware of it. :)

  8. yeah, there are always people liddat. so annoying, trying to use shortcut in order to get good grades!

  9. Yeaaa! That's indeed so unfair to those who studied. :(


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