07 September 2010

That's what a friend for.

"If I were to choose my life, I wouldn't choose to be like this."

That was one of my statuses on Facebook yesterday. Apart from that, I had posted a few statuses on my wall, which showed how upset I was for the entire evening, until the late midnight, and ended up before the noon of today (don't ever ask me what's going on since everything is over). I'm so thankful for the comments on those statuses of mine by my fellow friends, especially from Xiaowei, Haidi (I like your "Hey, look at me."), Andy Ong (especially your "Need tisu bo?"), Kah Mun, and Carmen. Yes, even though some of them only commented something like "Cheer up!" but still, those comments meant a lot to me. :)

Kah Mun, just as what you told me, everything is fine and I'm now the usual me. *makes a deep bow* Thank you so much for your cheerful comment!

Other than those that I mentioned above, there's as well this one person I would like to thank to. He is Andy Yoo, a Korean that I have mentioned for quite some time in some of the previous posts. I never thought he would be the one who consoled me and gave me opinions. I never thought we would be that close until I even cried in front of him, whilst he just sat there waiting for me to finish crying, lent his ears to me for my murmurs, and talked to me about how I was supposed to solve everything.

For your information, I had never been shedding my tears right in front of any of my college mates, until yesterday in the late midnight. To be exact, today's morning at around 1 or 2 o'clock. Moreover, he's a guy; that was indeed out of my expectation.

It's not that I didn't trust them, but at least I could still hold back my tears at those times. Yesterday was an exception. I seriously needed a company at that time as I was pretty upset, but Farah had already gone back to the hostel, and I was sitting there being alone. I sent Andy a text to ask him where he was, and I told him I was crying. Soon, I realized that he had gone offline on Facebook. You should have known what would be the next.

I expected him to ignore me since he would rather be with the girl he admires. I'm not so sure whether he was with the girl at that time or not, though.

"Oh shit! You better don't come," that was what I talked to myself. And yea, when I turned my head to the left, I saw him walking towards me. I started weeping over my sadness and hurts unceasingly. :'( I refused to tell him anything at first but I told him in the end. I could feel the heartache indeed.

After chitchatting and crying for almost or at least an hour, I decided to go back to my hostel to think about it, and make a decision. He really gave me a lot of opinions, and he even told me what I really wished to know. He told me what's exactly in a guy's mind. He accompanied me to the lift (guys are not allowed to step into the lift since that's girls' area), and there we ended up everything.

"Good morning ^^," he sent this to me in the morning. I asked him if he wanted to meet up at Student Life Center, he said yes, he would just follow me. He just wanted to see me smile, that's all. In the meantime of doing his own work for his English class, he kept on looking at me to make sure I was alright. Everything's fine after all, and there he started being as crazy as a child. X)

By the way, what I am trying to say is that, I never knew I would be having such a true friendship with this guy. I admit that he is somehow pretty annoying but when you need his help, he could as well be really helpful and cheerful. Um, don't worry about me, I wouldn't fall in love with this 17-year-old guy since I already have one, plus I would never admire anyone who is younger than me even though I know it doesn't matter.

Nah, Korean parents don't actually like such kind of relationship okay? It's true!

Here, I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart, for everything he had done to me, as well as being so supportive for all this while.

Thanks a gazillion times, Andy Yoo Sung Min! :D



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