16 September 2010

Visitation to TOC.

This will be a very wordy post because I didn't take photo at all recently and so, it doesn't matter if you don't want to read it. Well, of course, I hope you read through every single word over here. Blah! It's up to you!

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Oh yay, the topic actually says it all. TOC is actually refers to The Otomotif College, which is obviously where he is now studying. I mean the badman. Since I'm now having holiday, and I have nothing better to do (I don't have the mood to study), I decided to pay a visit to his college instead of staying in front of the laptop watching drama on PPStream for one whole day. In fact, I hadn't been to his college at all and I didn't even know where it is.

He wanted me to go KL Sentral all alone by KTM as he wanted to train my bravery of taking any public transports alone, except for the taxi. Well, it wasn't the first time I took KTM alone but, the last time I did it was indeed ages ago. Since there's this ladies' coach, he felt a little more relief.

Just so you know many Malaysians don't follow the rules like what we did last time, guys could still be seen in the ladies' coach until we arrived at this station. There was this Malay lady who was so damn brave to keep asking the guys to leave the ladies' coach because it was a ladies' coach. She attracted everyone successfully. LOL! Well done, we girls could finally move freely in the coach. Wheeeeeee!

I arrived at the destination half an hour later, but the badman was still on the way. Ish! I walked around and took a look at everything I was interested in, without buying anything. I waited there as if I was spending my free time doing nothing. I was lingering about the entrance/exit of the Putra LRT when he arrived but, he couldn't see me. :\ Oh well, I'm so kind to forgive him. :P

Once we arrived at Taman Paramount Station, his friends were all sitting there waiting for the van. Everyone was looking at me. I walked so damn fast due to nervousness until I nearly fall down. Certainly, he immediately held my hand tightly to prevent me from doing something shameful. We went there by taxi as I, as a visitor, wasn't allowed to enter the van unless if not many students are taking it. I thought we're going to walk to his college from the station. He went "What?! It is going to take a very long time to reach you know?!" when I told him what I thought. So yea, we took a cab ride instead.

As I said, I went there to visit his college but I ended up staying in Forum 19, the food court beside the college until he finished his class. We arrived at around 12.45pm, and we had lunch together in Forum 19. He went to his college at around 1.25pm, whilst I sat there waiting for him until their recess time, which was around 3.30pm, as if I was infatuated with the badman. Nah, I wasn't! :P We sat together with his friends, and I was shocked by Keith's "Hi!" as I didn't know he would do that.

Oh well, thank you, if you're reading this. ;)

His friends were all guys, for your information, and I was the only girl sitting together with them. Some of them kept looking at me as though I was an alien or whatnot. :X Many of them smoked. I hate smokers, but I don't hate them. They're the friends of the badman, and they don't blow all the smoke towards the people who don't smoke. So yea, they're all accepted. :D One of his Indian friends, Ar-win (I don't know how to spell but this is how his name is pronounced), was so damn funny. The way he talked, and something that he said, made me laughed but I didn't dare to laugh out loud.

They went back half an hour later to continue their class, and I stayed in the Forum 19 until 6pm, which was when he finished his class. Guess what? I spent all my boring time studying in Forum 19, and now I'm almost halfway done (only for Mr. Patrick's). ;D

The badman and I went for dinner at somewhere near my house. Everything came to a full stop after he sent me back.

The reason why I recorded every single thing that happened today and made it lengthy is that I'm so happy and excited for my sake. :P I'm sorry if you hate it lengthy but I will try to make another better one later, if I get to take some photos to blog.

Stay tuned! Oh ya, and Happy Malaysia Day!


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