31 October 2010

Come and grab something!

It's 31st of October!

I guess most of you have probably known what does 31st of every month mean to Baskin-Robbins, eh? Are you paying visits to us as well? Have you prepared to grab a pint, a quart, or more ice-creams from BR?

Well, due to the lacking in employees, I'm going to work later from 9.30am to 10pm. Hopefully we didn't waste time folding the thousands of paper bags yesterday just for the sake of today. Make sure you are coming! :DDD

P/S: If I'm not mistaken, the branch where I'm working, Taylor's Lakeside Campus, would be less busy as compared to the other branches. It's a hint!



  1. Haha... nearest Baskin Robins is almost 150++ kilometers away huhuhu.... it's total aliens in an obscure place like Perlis :)

  2. Ezal: So do you mean you've missed it?

    Albert: Awww! How come? D:

  3. Oh? I don't know about Baskin-Robbins. What's the day of 31st for Baskin-Robbins every month?

  4. If you have noticed, the logo of Baskin-Robbins actually has the number "31" inside. I'm not sure about the hidden meaning but, on every month that consists of the date 31st, Baskin-Robbins will offer 31% discount for some particular things such as pint, quart, half gallon, and also one gallon.


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