01 November 2010

Hi, 1st of November, 2010.

It's finally over. 31st of October would be one of my most unforgettable memories in my life I guess. Several wounds on my hands started forming since the two days before the day; carelessness and accidents explain it all, don't you think so? My hand was accidentally scratched by a chair on Friday; I hit something, making a scratch on my right hand on Saturday; I scratched my back of the hand of my left hand when I was scooping ice-cream for one of the customers on Sunday. In addition, after scooping so many pints, quarts, and half gallons of ice-creams, my right hand is now aching and without exaggeration, I feel weak in it since the moment I woke up in the morning.

Initially, I thought it's an easy task; I think most of you do, yet when it comes to some special days like yesterday, an easy job turns out become some sort of hardships. However, due to the kindness and friendliness of everyone including the two managers who people think they look pretty serious, I enjoy working as a part-timer in Baskin-Robbins. :) I never knew we, the employees could joke or have fun with the managers as if we're friends. That's the reason why I never want to give up after suffering tortures from scooping ice-creams. Through this job, at least I've learnt different ways of serving different customers with a friendly smile; I've learnt different ways of communications; I've got to know how tough you would have to be no matter what problem you face; I've learnt how to impress the customers with a smiling tone; I've learnt what I'm supposed to do when I accidentally key in something wrongly – keep my mouth shut without telling the managers if the customer has leave. I've learnt a lot since the first day working in Baskin-Robbins.

Apart from those, another benefit of working as a part-timer at Baskin-Robbins is that our working time is flexible. Unlike some other places that the supervisor would force you to work at some particular time even though you couldn't, if you're not available, you could tell the manager; if your class ends at 4pm but the manager wants you to work at 4pm, appearing half an hour later is forgivable; if you oversleep and you couldn't answer the call when the manager tries to wake you up, the manager wouldn't scold, instead, they would laugh at you together with the other staffs once you come. When we're interviewing by the two journalists of Taylor's University, they're quite shocked after knowing that everything is flexible for a part-timer of Baskin-Robbins. People tend to think a part-timer wouldn't be able to balance their studies and their jobs; yes it is, but it doesn't apply to all the part-timers. It depends on how they manage their time without neglecting their studies. My younger brother is a worst example because he prefers working instead of studying; he could skip his classes just for the sake of working even though he's only form 4 as studying is boring. Wtf! Whereas, I self-proclaimed that I'm sort of a good example because I never want to skip my classes and if I have examinations, I prefer staying in my room and study. I work to earn experiences, to be frank; money isn't that important to me.

I guess, unless if I couldn't stand the busyness or else, I wouldn't want to quit.

Before I finish my post, I would like to thank the Badman for the surprise he gave me yesterday. Without informing me, he went Baskin-Robbins to accompany me until 3.30pm, before it rained. He stood at the back door of Baskin-Robbins where I couldn't see from the counter, thinking how he's supposed to surprise me. I was damn shocked at the moment when I saw him walking towards one of the tables. He made my day. :DDD

Well, it's time to off and study.



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