04 November 2010

It's not a good starting of November.


Can't my November just be a little more colourful?

The topic explains everything. Bad things happened continuously since November started that I would somehow think someone cursed me.

1. I fell sick.

It happened just about two days ago. I started not feeling well since my beloved family came all the way from Kepong to Taylor's University just to bring me out for lunch. As usual, momma brought me fruits yet she didn't know I haven't even finished the bananas that she brought me last week, until when I came home. Oh yea, like finally, I'm at home now after so many weeks of staying in the hostel. :D Well, I'm still sick right now but I feel so much better than when it first started. It's not anymore serious flu; instead, I felt so cold throughout the night before I went to bed, even when the temperature was only 24°C.

The Badman keeps on nagging that he shouldn't have allowed me to work as a part-timer at Baskin-Robbins, so that I could get to take good care of myself. Oops!

The sickness brought me to another trouble.

2. I couldn't focus on the lecture.

My mind was full of the word "sick" in the morning class that I had yesterday. It's so terrible that the word could actually control my mind. Wtf! The best part amongst all was that even though the lecturer gave us an example about the calculation, I didn't pay fully attention to it.

3. My condition was worsened until I did so many mistakes while working.

Just so you know I'm currently working as a part-timer at Baskin-Robbins. Since it was Wednesday, which was Baskin-Robbins's so-called Pink Day, I started working right after the last class of the day ended. I'm not sure how many times had my head been knocking at the cover of the refrigerator when I was scooping ice-creams for the customers; I've totally no idea how many times have I been over-scooping the ice-creams to the customers. Worst was, after over-scooping a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip, the ice-cream fell onto the floor together with the scoop when I was about to put it into a cup. I wasted one big scoop of the ice-cream. Those who saw that went "OH!" and I went "FUCK YOU JUST SHUT UP OKAY?" secretly. Not to mention I blushed right after this.

A few hours later, when one of the managers, Nisya, was scooping the ice-creams, she turned back and grinned. "Are you okay?" she asked, when I was standing beside her with a blurry-looking face. I felt warm even though it's just a question, though. ;)

4. Farah and I are both annoyed by this security guard.

Let's just ignore what he has done so far, because I'm still not too sure whether it's us who're thinking too much or it's true. I might update more about it if I get the answer.

November started with so many happenings, how about the end of it? Hey November, make sure you end up with a smile. :)


Thank you Chris Na (guess where he comes from) for drawing a smiley in my note that night.



  1. That's sad. Hope the following days will be better for you.

  2. Wish you get well soon ya ok. Just keep the faith


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