06 November 2010

I missed until I cried.

If you have read this entry, you have probably known that I'm, right now, back to where I usually stay. Like seriously, I haven't been here for approximately one bloody month. I'm not that kind of homesick person who could never stay away from house for even one day; yet, I missed my beloved family, my house, my queen-sized bed, my room and et cetera all the time. Who wouldn't miss all of them after staying at somewhere not belongs to them for such a long time? The Badman said, "Happy? You're finally back to your house now after so long of not going back." Surely, I answered, "YES OF COURSE," with a loud voice. Who cared why on earth I shouted so loud in my room? Everyone knew how excited I was. Everyone knew I wouldn't be able to come back home that often ever since the second term started. They never knew how much I missed this place where I belong to for all that while, though.

"Mummy, can I go back home this week since I will be having Deepavali holiday on Thursday and Friday? I miss home," it was when they brought me out for lunch the other day.

I have so many stories to tell my family, especially the momma who, I think, has been so worried of me throughout the month. Momma hadn't seen my score report of the first term until yesterday; I hadn't officially told them everything I had been through in Ipoh, including our craziness of walking to Ipoh Parade from where we stayed; I hadn't told them about Mona; I hadn't complained about a perverted-looking security guard who I started feeling so damn uncomfortable with since Tuesday; I hadn't told them that Farah was sent to a hospital that day by her brothers due to some problem; I hadn't told them about the odd happening in Farah's place; there're still so many happenings that I might have told them, or are still awaiting to be told. For your information, it's always my habit to detail everything to my family. I wonder if I'm bothering them or they're pretty willing to listen to all the stories. :P

However, I know so clearly that no matter how long I spend on story-telling, the topics would never end with a full stop. It would always be brought up again and again after a while.

When I was talking to the Badman on the phone just now, I told him how much I missed my family throughout the month being locked in the campus due to the overloaded things and stuffs, with tears rolling in my eyes. At the moment when I stopped talking, tears rolled down my cheek. It's not that I wasn't able to be independent but, I guess everyone would as well do the similar thing that I did when they're in this kind of trouble.

Truth to be told, it's my very first time crying just for the sake of missing the family. :X

P/S: I'm sorry if you think I'm being too perfunctory in this post, because I'm seriously dozing off now.


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