28 October 2010

Never take things for granted.


No matter how many people there are in a group, lack of cooperation of one person would never bring one thing to a remarkable success; no matter how perfect the outcome is, it is still a failure.

"If you leave halfway, you're out."
"Farah, if he leaves halfway, just cross out his name."
"If you don't attend the meeting, you're out."
"If he dares to leave, he's out."

Look, how many times have I been repeating this today? I wasn't joking at all, even though I was smiling. Who cares whether I have the right to do so or not? At the end, he will still be shooed if he doesn't want to be cooperative.

"If it's bullshit, you're out."

It's not that he's not allowed to make some bullshits during the meeting; it's not that we have to be serious throughout the meeting; nevertheless, he never gives any idea of how this assignment is supposed to be done successfully. Some of us might as well never give any idea since the very first group meeting; at least we said something to lead others to a better idea.

All in all, I'm not joking with all those words that sounded cruel.


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