23 October 2010

I've passed my first term.


For those who look down upon me, this is what I have got for my first term, 16.37 out of 20 for the overall average. Frankly, I'm not showing off, because I personally think it's not good enough; I'm just telling you, in case you're reading, I can make it if I'm interested in it. One thing you need to know is gazillions of phone calls is actually a total useless. Don't ever waste your time calling me again and again but you get nothing in the end. :)


A warm message from Hong Kong, sent by poppa when I was working but I read it after I came back to my hostel, made me smile. :D



  1. yeah.. congrats.. keep it up :)

  2. Nice job!! Show the ppl who looked down on u xD
    So sweet from ur parents =)
    Congrats xD

  3. heheh... you told me you updated your blog so i read your latest post k^^, so same here congratz on that wonderful achievement!! &&upon watching Taiwanese dramas I've learned that 'gong xi' is chinese for congratz right?
    Although I'm a complete stranger with poppa, I'm curious on how you're related with each other :3

  4. ken: Thanks! :D

    Everlyn: Thanks!

    sHeRrY: Thank you! But I can't understand your last sentence. :\


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