18 November 2010

Desserts at Backofen.

Have you heard of Backofen? Have you been to Backofen? Have you been stepping into Backofen?

Backofen claims that they are a famous Austrian bakery, a Viennese coffee house, or you can call them konditorei, which means bakery in Germany. I have no idea how many branches they have outside, but one thing I know is that they have opened a new one in Taylor's University, the lakeside campus, at the commercial block.

Truth to be told, I have been there for thrice; I dined there for the first two times, and I took away some desserts for the third time. Yes, I cannot agree more; they're just that awesome until they are worth visiting again and again – more than RM50 had gone in the meantime. Oh wait, I don't mean they serve pricy foods; in terms of the portions and the tastes, the foods definitely worth the money. Only cakes and slices, breads and rolls, and chocolates are stated in their official website yet they also sell awesome western foods that cost around RM10.

Apart from the foods, they have an over-friendly boss who keeps on persuading me and Farah to reconsider about switching our job from Baskin-Robbins to Backofen because he said our salary would be a minimum of RM5 per hour and they would provide meals. LOL! From his outward appearance, he looks like a foreigner; unfortunately, he is a local and he is a mixed-blood of many countries. :O If you were to ask me was I shocked when I first knew that from him, I would probably shout directly right on your face, "OF COURSE I WAS!" He doesn't look like a local at all, to be frank.

By the way, since that I have taken away the desserts, for sure that I would take photos in my room. ;) Scroll down if you are interested!


They sell this heavenly crème caramel at RM3.50, which is sort of an affordable price to me. Don't ever miss it! :DDD I'm going to recommend the Badman when he comes and visits me later.


In case you wish to know how I actually poured the pudding out from the container, I was told by the boss to put it on boiling water for approximately 10 seconds for God's sake wtf. I then took it out, turned it upside-down on my bowl, and used my spoon to knock it so that the solidified caramel at the bottom of the container could break and make the pudding fall onto my bowl. Well, beyond doubt, I failed; instead of falling itself, I had to use my spoon to dig a little bit to make it fall wtf. I should have put it on the boiling water for about 20 seconds perhaps.

Oh well, at least I still got to eat in the end, right? :P


Other than the crème caramel, they also sell crème puff at RM1.20 and they're damn huge. They might look nice from the outside but to be honest, they're not as yummy as the one my cousin, ZM, did. It is not that recommendable but you can give it a try.


I nearly forget to take a photo of how it looked inside.


Aaahhhhhhh! If you are a lime lover, you should give it a try. Both the sweetness and the sourness would blend together to make it awesome. Yummyyyyyyy! ;DDD

P/S: I was supposed to finish the lime pie by tomorrow morning but due to the gazillions of dead insects in the fridge, it's better to not put my food into the disgusting place. :\

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  1. Perhaps you would like it, because different people have different taste. :D


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