20 November 2010

Simple yet special.

If the Badman was to have a car, I would have gone back home for a while today; unfortunately, there wasn't any car for him to drive. Pity him; he always has to come all the way from Bukit Jalil to Taylor's University alone by public transportations and by feet. Still, he's here since afternoon to be with me, listening to whatever babbles of mine, watching videos on YouTube with me, as well as looking at my sleeping face for at least half an hour. That's him; a guy who never seems to complain anything whenever thing comes to girlfriend. :)

As what I promised me myself, I brought him to Backofen to have an awesome try.


I had this heavenly chicken teppanyaki fried rice that a sweet smell greeted my nose once it was served. Mmmmmmm! ;D


The Badman had their rosmarin chicken that the portion was kind of small (it's enough for me) but it satisfied him pretty well with the awesome taste.

We ordered a cup of hot cappuccino to share but it wasn't as nice as expected. To me, the cappuccino was bitter but to him, it was tasteless. Amongst everything in this restaurant I had throughout this week, the hot cappuccino was indeed their second thing that I think it wasn't nice.


I took a book from library to avoid boredom, but I ended up sleeping with the book being abandoned. I did read a few pages; I skipped to check out what the storybook was all about and closed it. Perhaps I wasn't in the mood of reading a storybook; God knew it.

I always find myself sleeping when the Badman is around. And that, I always sleep pretty tight without worrying what would be happening until he wakes me up. That's how I defined sense of security. ;)


Using laptop could never be boring to him, I guess. :P Well, this photo shows how he cared about my laptop after me – clearing whatever rubbishes I had, even though I always get excited over a little thing as I don't know what he's trying to do with my laptop. Teeheee! Thank you lah, B! :D


To be honest, he typed all of them to make a dialogue instead of me replying him wtf. Nonetheless, he's just so sweet to give me a big kiss after this. :DDD

Today's just as simple as usual but with him being around, it always makes everything special. He cures my loneliness with all he does.

You know what; you make me love you more again.


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