22 November 2010

That is how "Badman" started.

Tiredness came with a reason whilst happiness came with another reason that both of them formed an awesome day to me. As I said, thing usually turns out to be different whenever he's around; it could be either good or bad. Well, obviously, I'm pretty excited for what I had been through for the entire day but the poor internet connection somehow screws up my mood wtf. Oh well, let's not let the disappointing parts ruin my blog post which fills up with full of excitements. :)

"Approximately one week more to go, and there goes another sweet day of us." Now you get the reason why I'm that excited?


He captured without informing me initially.

This person whom I love him so much never seems to stop bullying me no matter how until I have to stamp my foot to tell him how exasperate I am for the unfairness of me being that weak to not be able to strike him back. Yet, things usually turn out to be topsy-turvy because you know, I know, everyone knows; three words explain everything. Further explanations can be excused, I suppose.


I always nag like an old woman about how long we have not been taking photos but all he does is looking at me with a grin instead of taking actions. We are now sort of camera-shy persons who don't usually take photos of ourselves like how we usually did in the past, unless if no one is around. It's always me being the photographer holding a camera walking around just to take his photos. That's why you could see gazillions of his photos appearing on my Facebook instead of my own ones. Thanks to him; I always hint that I want to take photo at some particular places by saying, "Hey, you don't want to take a photo of me?" but he never realizes it until now. Tell me whether I should stamp my foot or not. :P


The background has totally spoiled this photo that I personally think it is perfect. :(

He forces me to drink certain amount of water when I forget to drink for a long time; he never allows me to eat anything spicy especially my first meal of the day, unless if I haven't been eating for quite some time; he never permits me to stay up doing anything until too late; he always wants me to take shower as early as possible – around 6pm would be perfect. Truth to be told, those have been my habits for years. For sure that I've changed a lot but when I have a craving for any one of them, I would really love to be die-hard just for that particular thing even though the demands are all beneficial to my health. Yes, he can be a bully at times, to be honest.


Everything he does usually drives me crazy until I turn my head away instead of opposing non-stop. Hey, it could be tiring you know? :P All sort of bullying would surely turn out to be comforting when he realizes I'm feigning ignorance. Wheeeeeee! He soothes me until he is forgiven yet he would still complain about how unfair it is until he feels like stopping. Free hugs or free kisses could be won in the meantime, from the one who starts off everything. Anyhow, it still serves him right, and I feel happy to be with him in this way because everything happens naturally without having the thinking of "Oh, this is not what a couple should do," wtf.

It is simply because each couple has their own different way of communicating within each other.


By bullying me and soothing me again and again, it formed the word "Badman".

Hi, my beloved Badman! 



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