15 December 2010

Alviss Kong is nothing!

Sad cases never seem to stop happening around the world, involving the unlucky people and their loved ones in the meantime without telling them at the first place. Brainless people too, do everything before they come to realize it is a big mistake and could even make them struggle along the rest of the journeys of their lives.

The brainless murderer in this video makes me think of Alviss Kong. Do you have any idea who he is?

The case of the so-called "Romeo of Malaysia" wtf, brainless Alviss Kong (I'm sorry to say that but it's just so true), has been turning the whole world upside down for the past few days. Just because of how handsome he was, which then, he wasn't after all due to his action; more brainless people started creating so many funny pages on Facebook, claiming how sad they were and how they wished to mark the day he committed suicide as a commemorative day for him. They do it even if they just started knowing Alviss Kong after he jumped off from the building. Oh please, do you want to do the same thing to each and every one who commits suicide? I would be your supporter.

I don't really judge; everything above is only based on my personal opinion. By the way, to the teenagers nowadays out there, if you're to do the same thing as Alviss Kong did, kindly let your parents know every single detail about where you are, what you are going to do for what reason, and all sort of related ones before you jump off to make sure they have enough time to approach you and safe you from death. To make short of long, think of your parents before you do something pretty stupid please! Also, if you're to do something like Alviss Kong's fans are doing recently, go ahead; you would be categorized as another brainless human. :)


Anyway, this would be my last proper post before I finish my last examination on 23rd of December. Wish me luck peeps! D:



  1. Should I say...
    Attention-deficiency symdrome (ADS)?

    *shake head*


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