17 December 2010

Exams snatch my time!


The one that I had been spending one whole night with, with only approximately-3-hour sleep from around 7am to 10am, is finally over. Nescafe did its job pretty well. Well, to be frank, it was my very first time doing so without feeling tired at all, which was so not me. Tell me my map is damn colourful!


I look pretty stupid in this photo, but I made it as my current profile picture on Facebook. LOL! It was taken in the morning when I was looking for something to entertain me myself pffft. So yea, I'm going off now for Malaysian Studies, which I might as well spend another night with Nescafe without any sleep.

Wish me luck again, peeps! Stay tuned for a proper post when I'm done with my examinations. Make sure you're still here for me, alright? :DDD


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