25 January 2011

Get drunk on a cup of beer.


For heaven's sake, I'm currently bothered by different kind of depressions that come unexpectedly day by day, moment by moment, in which I'm still remaining puzzled after pondering over the reasons a hundred times; PMS is completely ruled out. The usual me who tend to stay calm whenever thing happens has now become irascible at times no matter what happens. Because of how I am right now, my day that's supposed to be yet another good day has turned to be ruined somehow.

I'm sorry, I'm temporarily broken down. :(

Sooner or later, I will be back to the usual cheerful girl again. Perhaps I just need some time to get rid of whatever problems I have, not to mention the unknown ones. Spending more of my time with the awesome friends like how Fahmi, Helmy and I walked around the lakeside and chitchatted with the security guard of our age, Daniel, just now until 11.30pm actually helps to cure a bit. Like seriously, I need them so much because without them, everything seems to be so soundless.

And you (you know who you are but you never read my blog), I miss how you touched my head in the afternoon when you're walking out from the lift as if I was a little girl. It might make our relationship seems so dubious but personally, I felt warm to be concerned and frankly, I was calmed a little at that moment. Indeed, one's unexpected action could actually lead a person to a better life. Thanks a bunch! :)

Right now, I wish I could get drunk a little but I will be fine soon.

P/S: Thanks the Badman for being my model by stunning for seconds while drinking the cup of Carlsberg. :P



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