24 January 2011

The sweetest man on earth.


I miss this guy even more after more than a day of being stuck together just because of an annual dinner specially organized for those who were from Chong Hwa Scout (CHS). Thus, it makes me feel so wanted to talk to him at all time as if our conversations will never end though yes, it will never end, because of how he cared about me and took care of me throughout the days he stayed in my house, as well as how he fooled me or played with me in his own sweetest way.

The word "Badman" was added into my dictionary since someday for some reason that made me think of this. It represents him because he could be bad to me at times, especially those moments when he makes me angry or cry, and sometimes I could even cry for one bloody whole day just because of this cruel boy. However, he's still the man who makes me happy after all the arguments instead of letting me being emotional all alone. When I say I hate him, I mean it with some special elements that contain love, which is how the bond between us becomes stronger and stronger.

You know right? You are the one and the only one on earth. :D And yes, I'm always ready to be tortured (it's in Chinese).

I love you. 



  1. He stayed at your house? You have quite open minded parents huh? :) Best wishes to both of you.

  2. He stayed in another room alone of course. :)

  3. Wow, sweet couples!! *envy* hahaha.. XD

  4. Thanks bendan. Seriously, somehow I feel weird to call you bendan. :P

  5. Thanks Philip, jfook, and Queennie! :D

  6. Chuen: Thanks. :)

    Hilda: Hahaha! No lah! :P


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