20 March 2011

We're the crazy vampires.

It's Sunday! Unfortunately, it wouldn't be anymore a good Sunday for me to sleep until the sun shines on my beautiful ass because I just spent my past three nights continuously in 24/7 study room from night until early in the morning together with my awesome friends and there goes our sleeping time when everyone is supposedly preparing to go to work, school, shopping center or wherever you can think of. Pity us, but I'm proud that I'm finally able to achieve this mission that it is totally not something to be proud of; just let me syiok sendiri for a while then I will be fine. :D We basically spent our night studying, chitchatting, napping, writing, and bullshitting in 24/7 study room while the others were probably having fun with the grandchildren of our beloved Zhou Gong – sleeping soundly on their comfortable beds enjoying their sweet dreams.

Apart from those stated above, I have just done something crazy together with Helmy and Revy yesterday morning after 8am, and today morning with Revy (Helmy was dead tired already) after 7am. We went back to our rooms to change a bit and we started jogging around this bloody huge campus for two rounds continuously without sleeping for the whole night. We didn't mean to exhaust ourselves but it turned out became like that at the end because of how much energy we had consumed throughout the nights with all the notes. Beyond doubt, we spent our morning and afternoon sleeping on our lovely beds until the time we gathered and started studying at the same venue again. I guess today would just be as similar as yesterday. I felt refreshed every time after sweating so, so, so much and by the time I started studying with them, it's already almost evening. Worst was, I felt as if it's still early in the morning. Hahaha! I know right, we're just like vampires that only go out when the sun sets. :P


Right now, I just want to sleeeeeeeppp until Helmy wakes me up to teach him Business Mathematics later in the afternoon. My sleeping mood is totally on! Good night peeps! ;)


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