17 April 2011

Scream 4! Aaahhhhhhh!

It's been torturing enough to be just searching for the poster about Scream 4 via Google for this movie review that I intend to do after watching it with a bunch of loveliest people ever, and this explains how afraid I am of horror films and not to forget ghost stories including ghost movies and novels even though some of them might be some comedies that make people laugh all the way. For your information, choosing Scream 4 as the movie of the day is definitely not my choice, and my fear for all these is what that explains everything pretty well. Anyway, let's just move on to the main points about this movie without me showing any movie-related photos on my blog after the poster above to prevent nightmare, shall we?

This movie is basically about killers, killers, and killers instead of ghosts, and seeing people being killed or hurt bloodily is what that is mainly shown in the movie. Imagine if you're to be poked by a sharp knife into your stomach, your shoulder, your throat, or even where your heart is, it's always so painful by just watching it on the big screen. You and I have no idea how many times I have been closing my ears so, so, so tight that I could only hear a teeny weeny bit of sound from the speakers in the movie theater although it was so loud, and how many times I have been shivering in the Badman's embrace throughout the movie, as well as how many times I have jumped. I couldn't imagine if I were to face the victims who are being hurt badly physically how my mental would eventually be after all; perhaps thing would turn out to be even more serious at the end or on the scarier side, nothing about me would be changed. I am that kind of person who can never stand a death to be frank, especially when it comes to me myself and all my beloved ones. I know this sounds funny but this exactly tells how much I am afraid of those movies, stories, novels, or whatever you can think of; I seriously can think a lot that you wouldn't be able to imagine.

If you happen to be a person similar to how I am, think wisely before you decide to purchase a ticket of Scream 4 for yourself. It's just a suggestion anyway, after all it's still about your choice and decision. ;) Honestly, the words above are absolutely nothing about blaming and complaining, but they're just about how I feel and what I think about those related movies. The outing was seriously great after all, and I'm already looking forward to our next one. :D

Dear awesomely awesome friends who are reading this, I love you and good luck for everything especially your internships! ;)

P/S: I coincidently met Sam and Victoria (first time seeing her in real life) after the movie! LOL! :P


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