21 May 2011

End of the world.


People have been saying that the world is going to end real soon, I mean today at anytime. Do you believe such foolish prediction? I haven't seen the real side of the world, I haven't seen the most beautiful place on earth, I haven't been travelling out of my country other than Singapore, I haven't been eating the best food on earth, I haven't done any backpacking with my loved ones, and most importantly, I haven't got married with my future husband! Some even said, "I haven't been trying out sex with anyone!" when such idiotic prediction first being spread all around the world. This is so foolish that I wish the entire world would hit the butts of those fools out there to prove their wrong for freaking the entire world out.

Seeing so many negative descriptions obviously tells how I have never believed them from the beginning, I have never feared about it either to be frank. Well, I know there're certain people who love predicting for God's sake but hey, could you please predict something else instead of what, the end of the world? #peoplewhohavenothingtodo

Think about it please. :|



  1. If the end of the world is today, it won't happen when it's a Twitter trending topic. That's all.

  2. But this has been published on newspapers wor. :\

  3. looks like it is not the end yet,
    the world would probably have to suffer another 1000 yrs before it ends.

  4. Yes, that's why I made this topic to criticize those who did such foolish prediction. At least it's foolish to me. :P


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