19 May 2011

Nothing beats your love to me.


He might not be the best person on earth, but he's always the best person I've ever met who loves me the most at anywhere, anytime. He might not be the real Mr. Right for me, but he's the one who cares about me and protects me all the time that no one else does. He might not be the person who would never depress me, but he's always the one who appreciates me and knows me the most. It feels so good to have him around whenever I need, especially when I'm down in the mouth after going through things like arguments. He's always the one who cheers me up to bits whenever I'm depressed just to see me smile from the bottom of my heart, like what a happy girl does. You might say it's too stupid for a girl to think that there is possibility that her first boyfriend would be her future husband; people have put their faith in our future, and I would like to say, me either. :D

I love you!



  1. I love you tooo babe....:D

  2. Love is one of the most important one in life,brings so much of joy esp with the one who understands and trust you so much.

  3. wow!So romantic,wish you two the best in life.

  4. B: Wheeeeeee! :D

    Qi Wen & Henry: Thanks a lot! ;D

    Nava.K: Yeaaa this is true. :)

    thomas: Thank you so muchhh! :D


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