29 May 2011

The greatest men in my life.


It's weird how I replaced my mummy who is now in Thailand enjoying her trip, to wake the youngest brother up early in the morning, hang all the clothes before leaving the house, and send that baby little brother to my brother's badminton hall before I started my journey.

It's happy how I was awoken by the Badman early in the morning with him giving me a sweet call from downstairs when I was having a bad dream, asking for permission to enter my room just to wake me up before I fall asleep again due to laziness. :P

It's funny how when my tears secretly rolled down my cheeks when I was waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, the Badman accidentally saw it and asked, "Why are you sweating?"

It's ridiculous how when we were looking for ways to go to the city from places we're not familiar with, the Badman led me to the wrong way and ended up we went all the way to Putrajaya without anywhere for us to make a U-turn until we arrived at the extremely far end where we saw the signboards stating "Kepong" and "Kuala Lumpur"; that's when I felt relief. :\

It's awesome how we finally made our way to the bitchy girlfriend's house in Cheras after getting lost, without telling her or even giving her any call until we arrived at her house to simply give her an extremely huge surprise. She didn't believe that I was right in front of her house when I told her on the phone until she saw me running towards her house from where I parked my car, and we had some really nice talk under the scorching hot sun with our butts almost burnt. Best of all was that she has recovered from her sickness right after I left. ;D

It's really awesome today even though I was sort of depressed by several stupid drivers on the road for a few times; but it's the memorable ones that count. Dear Badman, you just made my day again. :D 


Daddy's words are awesomely heartwarming. :)



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  2. Aww.. This is so sweet! Good luck with your Badman! :)

  3. Kai Shin: Thank you so muchhh! :D


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