06 June 2011

Feel the love.


Sometimes it is not a completely bad thing to be looking back to the past thinking those stubborn things I have done with anyone especially the Badman whom I have been coupling with a few days after I started my first senior year in 2008, but it somehow makes me cast a knowing smile realizing that I have been growing up so much ever since. Thinking about what we have done in the past and what we are now doing, I can see the huge difference that I have been changing a lot bit by bit throughout the years with him trying to improve me at the same time for the better. Someone says, "A good boyfriend will never want to change anything about you, except your last name." In Chinese, we never change anyone's name when we get married even though certain women would change their surnames, hence another similar sentence with different meaning came into my mine, "An awesome boyfriend will never want to change anything about you, but he will try his own best to improve you for the better," just like what I mentioned earlier. Apparently, the awesome one refers to my beloved Badman who has been taking care of me in terms of my health especially, and anything that he could control for my own benefits. :D To be frank, right now I feel as if we just started off our relationship as the feelings recently have been so different positively, and I feel so awesomely comfortable to be treated that way. Perhaps we started it off too early that we couldn't do anything we would like to do until now when he finally has the ability to drive alone on the road, that we could go anywhere from days until nights to enjoy ourselves to bits. Oh well, I never regret to start our journey this way because it feels even more awesome than any normal love relationship I would say.

Because of that, he has been appearing in my dreams at nights, leaving me all the sweet scenes that I could never really remember the storylines once I open my eyes when the alarm rings. Ah, those are the only awkward moments! :P


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