27 June 2011

That's love.


We started using our own laptop to go online to kill time upon his arrival, and when we were actually sitting side-by-side, I asked, "Why don't you on your MSN?" He stared at me with his eyes swelled with love. That's love.

"You haven't drank water after you finished your Kit Kat."
"I don't feel like drinking."
"Hey! What a kid who doesn't like to drink water."
"Did you just call me a kid?!"
"Hehe! My babe. :D"
That's love.

Both of us went online at home after I drove around to improve my driving skills, with him sitting next to me again as usual. However, we actually had a little sweet chat on MSN even though we're just an arm away of each other. I smiled and looked at him without realizing that he's already staring at me with a sweet, loving smile on his face. That's love.

Before he was told to not pick his brother up from LCCT in the midnight, I was lying beside him thinking about whatever bad things that might happen to him if he's being careless again, and it was indeed a great worry to me after the accident that happened to us earlier. I used my finger to draw the contour of his face with his eyes closed trying to fall asleep while my tears were rolling down my cheeks without him realizing it, and I even coloured his face with my finger after that. "Are you colouring my face?" I said yes. I mischievously touched his eyelashes simply because I thought it was fun seeing those slight winks on his eyelids. I pulled his finger over to touch my tear that was left on my right eye, yet he thought it was my saliva wtf. I did it again, with him looking at me curiously, and he jumped for finally knew that I was crying silently. That's when he immediately soothed me with the feeling of tender and protective towards me until I stopped crying. That's love.

Due to the fear that I might curl my hair again after the rebonding, I have no idea how I was supposed to lie down with my head on his stomach. "Come, you lie down, and let me hug you." That's love.

Love can never be defined through words, but it's the actions that speak. Boy, nothing can ever decrease my love to you, just so you know. :)



  1. Sweet... be thankful that you have such a nice partner and a lover. much love!

  2. Thanks Jael! Yes I appreciate him a lottt! :D

  3. just hopefully u won't be so destroyed if u ever broke up.. no one should feel what i've felt ='(


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