16 July 2011

2D1N Lotus Desaru Tour.

Organizer: A bunch of handsome and pretty monkeys from DT37, Taylor's University

Location: Malacca and Lotus Desaru Beach Resort

Dates: 20 August 2011 (Saturday) to 21 August 2011 (Sunday), 2 days 1 night only

Departure time and venue: 6.00am at Taylor's University, the lakeside campus

Price: RM290 only, including transportation, meals, 5-star accommodation, BBQ dinner on Saturday night, and Water Park

Accommodation: Lotus Desaru Beach Resort

For your information, this trip is specially designed as one of our assignments that is necessary to be completed by the end of August before our holidays, and it requires marks depending on how well we have done to make this trip to its best. You need not to worry about whether we are cheating or not because this is a compulsory assignment that is done with the approval of Taylor's University. :)

All information that is stated above is what that I am trying to highlight for you before you get confused. Truth to be told, except for us, you wouldn't get to go to those places with all the great facilities with such an extremely affordable price at anywhere else, with the fact that it includes a 5-star accommodation and some additional activities specially planned by a bunch of monkey to ensure that everyone is enjoying throughout the trip to places we are going.

Brief itinerary:

20 August 2011, Saturday
  1. Depart from Taylor's University
  2. Stop by in Malacca for a short tour and depart to Desaru
  3. Lunch in Lotus Desaru Beach Resort
  4. Free and easy which you could enjoy the rest of your day in Water Park or perhaps spa, swimming pools, beach, karaoke room, internet room, paintball target shooting court, and et cetera, but please note that some of them require extra payment
  5. Interesting and amazing BBQ dinner all together

21 August 2011, Sunday
  1. Breakfast and lunch in the resort
  2. Depart to Taylor's University

We certainly know that that is going to be a fasting month for the Muslims, and for your information we do have organizers and participants who will be going through this situation as well; you are not going to be alone! I sincerely wish you could support us and join our trip because this is so going to be an amazing trip with once-in-a-life-time experience I bet.

We truly need your support, people! :)

Please check out our event page on Facebook, and click on "Attending" if you are joining us! Please send me an email at min92min@hotmail.com once you have decided to go. I'm looking forward to hearing good news from you soon! ;)



  1. Sorry sweetie i'm from penang so cant join you. hope you get an A+! ^^

  2. Awww it's okay Glo-w! Thanks! ;D


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