15 July 2011

Temporary stress breakdown.

Good day peeps! My life has currently been pretty much messed up ever since my course resumed on 4th of July despite the fact that this is only the second week of all, due to the extremely heavy workload given by different lecturers of different subjects. At times I could be moody for no reason which I think those are what usually happen when a person is having stress breakdown like how I am at the moment; same goes to most of my classmates who are all in the similar situation as I am. With all of my free time filled up with assignments, assignments, and assignments as well as some commentaries that a lot of memorizing has to be done, I don't think I would be updating my blog as often as usual, I would try my very best to make it at least once a week though.

From left: Me, Maliewann, Revy, Farah a.k.a the bitchy girlfriend, and Alia

There're several outings that I had with the awesome bunch of people before and after the course resumption have never been updated and perhaps I have never been mentioning any of them at all, yet I guess I wouldn't be doing it due to the lack of photos taken throughout those days which my blog post would probably be looking dull with all the words, not to forget the lack of time I am having. In fact there should be more outings but until I move into my new place in PJS7 this coming Sunday, I am not allowed to go anywhere after classes because of one issue that I have been so fed up with. It's the transportation issue that bothers me again! Those are where contradictions occur with the fact that I'm leaving my family for weeks or months in less than two days time except for the approximately two weeks time when daddy comes back from Shenyang to have his own little holidays with us; there is no possibility for me to spend my time with him 7 days a week by the way. That is too slow yet too fast!

From left: Alia, me, Shannie a.k.a goblok, Maliewann, Farah, and Steven a.k.a the penguin

Despite the lack of time for some relax during weekdays, we got to have some little getaway during our 4-hour break one day with 9 people having lunch in Fullhouse Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid. Indeed, class cancellation could always be an all-time lifesaver even though all the rushes at the end could be pretty tiring and killing but no one really cares about the consequences that come after; we only care about how we are going to enjoy our second year to the best because we all have starting to realize that life is not going to be as easy as our very first year with all the midnight outings we had done extremely frequently a few months ago. Like what Helmy told me yesterday, even though he's feeling stressed about a debating contest that is coming real soon by the end of this month besides the commentaries preparations, which he's forced by the lecturer to join after rejecting them back in term 3, he is still trying his best to not being broken down by all the stresses that are attacking him.

Imagine having 30 people including a lecturer with 11 tables combined together in OldTown White Coffee early in the morning, and the lecturer was calling our names to practice our commentary right in the restaurant itself while we're having our breakfast, that was the first scariest experience I have ever had with Mr. Nantha I would say. Of all the 29 people from DT37, I was the luckiest person to be the very first person called on by the lecturer to do my commentary. With everyone looking at me with a you-are-so-lucky-today kind of big smile on their faces, I was told to choose another person with the fact that I hadn't prepared anything, not even one word about my topic, Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H); that was when I made the worst decision ever that caused some tears rolling down my cheeks without anyone seeing it I supposed. Frankly, stage fright was never an issue for me at the moment.

To get this term completed, life is not going to be as easy anymore throughout these 3 months at least, and this is obviously not an easy task to be done without working hard. If you happen to think that I'm becoming a hardworking person recently, that's when you have to realize what I am targeting; to obtain the best result I could get instead of just passing it and moving on to the next phase. I know it's going to be extremely stressful; I know it's going to be extremely suffering; I know it's going to be ultimately tiring; in fact, everyone knows that and everyone has those issues I believe, but life wouldn't always be as simple as you wish.

I know there is at least one person supporting me at all time, trying his very best to cheer me up whenever I'm down or depressed; that's more than enough. :)

Good luck!

P/S: Photos are all taken by Alia's BlueBerry BlackBerry and BeeBee's iPod.



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