24 August 2011

The awesome experience.

The hassles and arguments we had been through in between the classmates were what that made the trip a successful one, and after all the efforts we had put in over the weeks, all those certainly paid off. The lecturer commented that the dinner was awesome on that night despite the registrations and some other parts that were messed up; what more we could ask for when it was the first time the lecturer praised all of us? :D

Sorry for the lack of proper update, but I will update about the tour once everything is done. Stay tuned!



  1. remind me of my college time when go for a drawing trip from sunway to melaka :)

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  3. ADEEYA: Not only with classmates, but I will update about it soon. ;)

    Kian Fai: That must be very memorable to you. Now I'm missing that trip already.

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