28 August 2011

Preparation of domestic tour - 27.07.2011.

Due to the reason that I was only allowed to upload all the normal photos and keep all the funny ones until the trip was done, I've never been uploading any of all these until today; I guess this should explain well for why this post is delayed, looking at the date stated as part of the title. Before you start saying anything about me not respecting the lecturer to be taking photos when the lecture was still going on, I was actually appointed by the lecturer, Mr. Nantha, to start bringing my camera during all of his classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays to capture all the moments of us discussing about the tour; I would never trouble myself to be carrying a camera from 8am to 6pm otherwise.

For your information, I volunteered to be the camerawoman for the trip despite being a deputy secretary who had nothing to do at all regarding the position, and all the photos in this post were all taken in Tourism Training Room 2 (TTR2), Block D of Taylor's University.

This boy is obviously never a camera-shy person judging from the way he responds whenever there is a camera facing him. Guys, let's meet Jun, one of the two Koreans from my class.

Here comes the lecturer, Mr. Nantha, whom most of us from DT37 claim that he is the best lecturer we have ever met because of the way he treats us, despite being a strict person at times who has been stressing us all the while. He's the one who forced us to sell a total of 3 buses; in the meantime he's the one who gave us the great opportunity to make this trip a successful one, for the first time in our lives.

Now you see how much we love him, eh? :D

The BlackBerry addicts have always been busy with their own personal businesses throughout the classes as usual. Hahaha!

You should probably know who he is; Jun from Korea who is never a camera-shy person. He looks undeniably cute here. :P

Please feel free to compare this drawing with the actual photo of Mr. Nantha and comment about it, which you would probably laugh your asses off or think it's pretty lame. Keep reading if you wish to know who drew this!

This is one of the Maldivians from DT37 named Fathu, our new classmate who joined us since Term 4 started because she stopped her course after she completed her first internship. I will show you her performances during the trip once the stories about the entire preparation of the tour are done. Stay tuned!

These are the girls who are so used to be in a gang, Diana, Xiao Wei, and Krissie.

Don't ever ask me what he was doing because I myself have no idea as well; this photo was taken either intentionally or unintentionally, I've forgotten. By the way, he is Raja Helmy, my mummy.

Here's the answer! This cute boy never seems to stop drawing as long as the situation allows him to do so, even when the lectures are still ongoing.

Say hi to Shannie on the left and Revy from Indonesia on the right! Sometimes they're camera-shy, but just for your information, this wasn't the one and the only photo of the both of them taken on that day; I'm not going to post the others though, to not get killed.

Truth to be told, this is the photo I like the most among all that were taken on that day because of the cheerful smile on his face. :)

Apart from BlackBerry, some of them never seemed to stop sending text messages with their girlfriends or boyfriends throughout the classes like how Steven did.

Up to this photo of Alia posing with her avatar, our island seems to be the one who never really paid enough attention when the planning was ongoing, and Mr. Nantha was not as strict at the moment.

As for those who paid attention to the lectures, their funny photos were taken by me when I was bored since the lecturer wouldn't stop me from playing with the camera. He's Fahmi, which I love calling him Hasni (his father's name) because of how he likes to bully me days and nights. :P

We were basically clueless about how the trip would be like during that moment because of the fact that none of us had done this before, yet we couldn't escape to be stressed to sell all the seats with deadlines given repeatedly. We had been breaking promises about when we would get all the seats sold out due to the short period we had, fortunately everything was done on the day before the trip and I thought we were extremely lucky to satisfy the lecturer's needs.

More photos to come! ;)



  1. hi there already nanged u and visited your blog. Hope to see u soon TQ

  2. LOL-ed at the drawing hahaha, kinda look alike xP

  3. Mr.E: Hahaha I know right! :D

  4. This post makes me miss college years! :D

  5. You guys must really love your lecturer loads!! You should probably give him the URL to this entry too!

  6. jamie writes: Heheee! :D

    darranlow: We really love him a lot, but no, no lecturers should read my blog. :P


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