29 August 2011

Preparation of domestic tour - 28.07.2011.

Ever since the tour preparation started in July, all of us from DT37 were stressed with commentary and the ways to get 3 full buses on the departure date. Selling the tour package of RM290 to the public and our own friends may seem fun but it's never an easy task to be frank, yet you get to know who the true friends who are willing to help you out are. The only person who helped me out was the Badman, which initially the organizers were not allowed to bring our partners until we made certain agreements with the lecturer.

This is Sara, whom at times he prefers people calling him Sara-van-an in an English way. Weird!

Jun and Robert from Indonesia.

Robert and Revy!

Fahmi and Raja Helmy.

Xiao Wei.


My papa a.k.a Naeem.

Jun, the beatboxer.

Taemin, the other Korean.

The paparazzi were recording when Naeem was singing if I'm not mistaken. Haha!




These people of around 10 who were standing besides Jun were appointed by the lecturer to form a group for one of the performances known as Lyrical Love, which they had to sing songs of their own languages including Indonesian, Chinese, Malay, English, Pakistanis, Indian, Korean, French, Japanese, and et cetera. Some of them sang off-key during both the rehearsals and the actual performance, however, the overall performance actually cheered the audiences to bits, which we thought it was pretty successful.

Fahmi said, "Amboi!" when this photo was taken. Oops! :P

More and more photos about the tour to come including those when we were practicing our dances! By the way, please feel free to comment about the photos taken in order for me to improve my photographing skill, alright? :D


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