04 September 2011

Preparation of domestic tour - 29.07.2011.

Apart from all the planning that was done in the class together with Mr. Nantha, we also had quite a few dancing sections in order to prepare for the performances during our dinner on 20th of August, which arguments occurred in between that got us all even closer after everything was solved. We were known as the "9 Boys 9 Girls" because initially the 18 of us were separated into 9 couples for a certain dance movements, however, one of the two songs was cancelled due to the insufficient time we had, ended up only All For One by High School Musical was performed on that night.

I was supposed to look into Helmy's eyes with this pose but I was too shy at the moment. :P

I have no idea why Maliewann took this video with my DSLR but, well, since it was taken and uploaded on Youtube, I am as well sharing it as one of the memories we all had. :D

I can never miss the boss who in charge of all the dances, Shannie.

Ladies and gentlemen, I wish I could have done with the preparation parts but unfortunately I'm not done yet until further notice wtf. :P


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